Monday, April 18, 2016

Review from LiteraryMuseVC for Deadly Alliance

Literary Muse VC: Deadly Alliance by Kathleen Rowland-- heroine Amy takes a chance--
Amy Kintyre has a chance to design her own clothes, has an interview with someone to carry out her full presentation. She quits her taxi cab job and applies as a book keeper with ex-Army Ranger, Finbar Donahue. Amy is not hunting for a date these days with too much on her plate.  Finn tires her, the girlfriend of his late partner, thinking she knows about the theft going on in his company. After his partner was killed in a drive-by, money is missing on a monthly basis. Amy finds a file containing a fake bank account, and the case of the missing money turns into a nightmare. She witnesses a gang fight between and Irish mob and a terrorist fundraising organization.  Finn protects her, makes her mad, makes her cry, but has this panty-melting voice.  The local Irish mob is tangled up with a combination gang of ragtag Mexican hoods and terrorist recruits. 

Deadly Alliance is a crime thriller and serious hot-heavy romance novel.  Rowland’s plot is complex enough to keep the reader engaged and wondering how it will end.  At the same time, sparks fly between Finn and Amy.  Finn’s former skittishness around women takes a very gratifying transformation.  Amy knows her own mind and has no need for a dependent relationship, is a feisty character who may ramp up Finn’s testosterone but knows how to cool his fiery temper and Army Ranger force.  No one else can handle a former family betrayal, when his mother left. Very good read and highly recommended for romance and thriller fans!

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