Friday, April 15, 2016

Books are Love reviewed Deadly Alliance yesterday!

Review posted April 14th at  THANK YOU!

  • Finn wasn’t what I expected. He was better. I didn’t think behind the tough exterior would be a teddy bear. he was kind, caring, honest and gentle. But dangerous as well. This was a man who protected fiercely but was loyal and loving as well. He thought of others and did what was right no matter how difficult. Unfortunately for him, his mom messed up his views of relationships and made him twitchy about them. Amy though changes this. As she shows him that woman don’t want to take over their world and change them but stand by them and have their own life as well. That you can love and support but also be separate and still succeed in love.

Finn begins the story frustrated. His company has a leak of money. It’s going somewhere and he can’t find it. He knows his old partner has something to do with this but not sure how and if he can prove it. This is where sweet kind adorable Amy comes in. She applies to work for Finn and at first is afraid to work for him. Why? Her ex. Her ex who she took care of after seriously injured until he passed away even though they weren’t together anymore. She feared he would judge her by that common factor her ex and his ex partner. he doesn’t but it still causes her worry. Especially after she reveals what she found in her condo that the ex left behind. This sets off a series of events. Dangerous but also sexy. Dangerous because now they know what is going on with the money and both are not safe. They are put into a terrible situation where the FBI are involved and it is up to Finn to protect them from being killed while they expose and reveal all that is going on and why. Watching her change his views as they find out everything behind her ex, his accident and the money is great. Finn goes through such a evolution. It isn’t just about bedding someone anymore. For him it is about someone becoming more. Someone he feels safe and secure with and she feels the same. Amy though is afraid to let herself because of his past and fear she will try to take over her world. Finn proves her wrong and shows he just wants to support and watch her shine while by her side.

Amy is a sweet sweet girl and watching her change Finn and his views is great. She is strong and strong willed. She stands on her own while being their for Finn and accepting his help as well. She shows him that women don’t destroy or want to hurt but stand by your side and be there when needed but cheer you on as well. She is honest as well. Such a refreshing character.

There are some revelations that just boggle the mind but they are revealed in a way that the surprise doesn’t have you reel back and feel betrayed. It’s more a wonderful way to take the story and show you a bigger picture. The story is action packed and the romance is sizzling. these two heat up the pages when intimate but when not the sizzle is there in many ways. They fit together and are each other’s yin and yang. the book keeps you in the moment and has you not wanting to put it down as these two just start off trying to find Finn’s company’s money and end up mired in danger and intrigue while exploring their feelings for each other and falling in love. 

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