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#BeachRead #RomanticSuspense #Tirgear Donahue Cousins Series has a special price!

The Irish-American romantic suspense Donahue Cousins Series is on sale for $2.99 now through the weekend or 99 cents separately on Amazon.

From Book 1, Deadly Alliance--  Some alliances have deadly consequences.

Finbar Donahue, former Army Ranger, walked on the wild side in Iraq, but now he lives in the shadows. After his evasive partner, Les, was shot in a random drive-by, Finn discovers cash is siphoned monthly. He fights to keep his investment company afloat. When the late partner’s girlfriend, Amy Kintyre, applies for his bookkeeping job, Finn suspects she knows about his company drain and hires her. 

Amy needs a nine-to-five with free evenings and weekends to get her fashion design business back on track. She unearths Les’ s secret bank account and alerts Finn. Freezing of the money laundering account sets off havoc within an Irish gang. Amy witnesses a gang fight between a brutal ISIS fundraising organization and the Irish. Desperate to escape a stalker’s crosshairs, she seeks refuge with Finn. As danger heats up, sparks fly hotter. 

Les is alive. After cheating the Irish mob, he became their target. Mistaken identity took the life of his disabled twin brother. Now Les makes another deal—trading Amy and stolen drugs for their forgiveness. Stakes are high as Finn tracks assassins across the San Bernardino Mountains. If he gets her back, can he trust her?

Book 2, Unholy Alliance--The biggest danger is the one standing just behind her. 

A decade ago, Tori Rourke, and her cousin, Vivienne, ran from the Irish mob after witnessing a brutal murder. Tori was framed by the mob, and while she served time in prison, she worried that the killer, Seamus McGinn, had kidnapped her missing cousin.

Attorney Grady D. Fletcher, defender of the wrongly condemned, appeals Tori’s case and wins her release. Now, going by Victoria Morningstar, she runs a food truck from a seedy waterfront neighborhood, hoping to find her cousin's kidnapper.

When Grady agrees to defend a new client, Samuel Peterson, who’s been accused of beating to death the wife of a noted professor, the evidence mounts. The professor is missing, as well as his laptop that contains data dangerous to national security.

And Seamus McGinn is back, and rumors of a massive annihilation is about to begin. As they race to assist the FBI, the bonds between Grady and Tori are about to be tested. It becomes clear Grady and Tori are falling fast for each other, but what to do about it is a different story. He’s a divorced dad who wants more time with his kid. She brings danger to his front door.

Grady has questions of his own; Is Vivienne at the center of the mob’s operation? How much will it cost Tori before she learns the truth? All Grady knows is the biggest danger is the one standing right behind you.

Book 3, Bittersweet Alliance-- Will a snap decision change their lives forever?

Bizarre kidnappings stun the Big Island of Hawaii, pulling Danker Donahue back into the game and forcing him to partner with Jolene Kualoha, the woman who left him seven years ago when his DNA showed up in paternity lawsuit. The prejudice-motivated hate crimes are the wildest anyone has ever seen. Victims are being poisoned then released once the ransoms are paid, many losing their lives.

In the shadow of Jolene's success as a helicopter pilot, a troubled woman develops a fixation on Jolene and imitates her appearance. Matters turn dark when the copycat is shot dead. Was Jolene the target? Threats mount when she barely survives an accident after her brake cables are severed.

When these crimes threaten her sanity, Jolene is forced to trust the one person she thought she’d lost forever, Danker. Instantly, sparks fly between them, and as much as she wants to rekindle their relationship, she must protect her heart.

An old enemy, Seamus McGinn, breaks out of a maximum-security prison and invites Danker to a meet-up. Surprisingly, the kidnapper joins forces with McGinn along with his sick fans. McGinn trumpets his ‘murders by ice pick’, and it’s up to Danker to stop him. The whole island is on edge with a live feed from the maniac’s website.

In a stolen moment, Jolene shows him hope, and he makes a snap decision that will change their lives forever. Will he make it back to show her?

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#Tirgearr Publishing #Free on KU #paranormalromance from Maya Tyler @mayatylerauthor

Today I have my spotlight on a new release: A Wizard’s Choice by Maya Tyler

A Wizard’s Choice, Book Two in The Magicals Series is available now on Amazon and for free on Kindle Unlimited.
Dreams or duty?
            Wizard apprentice Kurtis Warde doesn’t want to become a full-fledged wizard, but he feels obligated to his grandfather who raised him. Making The Choice, whether or not to become a wizard and join The Circle, doesn’t feel like a choice at all. Leaving The Circle would give Kurtis the freedom to follow his own dreams, and to pursue vampiress, Dee, who has always intrigued him. He knows there’s more to Dee than the icy being she portrays, but will she give him a chance to know the real her?
            There is unrest in the magical world. Fairies, a magical being thought to be long extinct, still exist. And the long-time feud between wizards and fairies threatens everyone Kurtis cares about, including his life coach, Alina, who has quickly become a close friend. And perhaps more. He discovers his connection to the ancient beings The Annunaki, the ancestors of wizards and fairies, may be key to the future. The more he uncovers, the more questions he has.
            Will Kurtis choose to follow his heart or risk sacrificing his own happiness for peace in the magical world?
            Maya Tyler is a multi-published author of paranormal romance novels and blogger at Maya’s Musings. An avid reader, Maya writes the books she loves to read—romances! She still believes that “True Love's Kiss” is the most powerful thing in the world. Her paranormal romances come with complex plot twists and happily-ever-afters.
            When she’s not writing, you can find Maya enjoying her favourite things—hanging out with her family, reading, and drinking coffee (especially Starbucks French Roast)!
            You can find Maya on the web at the following locations:
Also available:
The Magicals Series

            “Waldor.” Emotion—relief and love—flooded Kurtis’ voice. He released the breath he’d unconsciously held, scanning Waldor for obvious injury.

“I’m in one piece, Kurtis.” Waldor pushed past him to unlock the cottage. “You can quit being a fusspot.”

Kurtis chuckled at Waldor’s mock irritation, unfazed by his grandfather’s gruff ways. They didn’t need to exchange words to know how relieved they both were for the other’s safety.

Waldor filled the kettle and, a moment later, the sound of a cheery whistle blasted from the small kitchen. Kurtis joined Waldor at the table. They sat in silence, wrapping their large hands around mugs of steaming tea.

“The kind of potent brew you need after a night like this to settle your thoughts.”

Kurtis grunted in response.

“What’s on your mind, my boy?”

What do I tell Waldor? Conflicted thoughts swirled around in his brain. Am I really that transparent?

Waldor smiled as if he knew all Kurtis’ secrets. “I know you. I raised you from a little baby.”

“I know.” He scowled, guilt gnawing at the lining in his stomach. How can I tell him? How can I break his heart? Like my father.

Waldor took his time to sip his tea as if waiting for Kurtis to open up.

Will I ever have the courage to leave? He cast a mournful eye around the small cottage, the only home he’d ever known. “Where is my father? Do you know?”

Waldor recoiled, looking like he’d been punched in the gut. “I don’t know.”

What do you know? What are you keeping from me? Kurtis paused before asking his next question, torn between his aversion to causing Waldor pain and desire for finding answers. “Do you know…Who is my mother?”

Something akin to fear, shame perhaps, lurked in Waldor’s eyes. He focused his intense gaze on Kurtis. “Yes.”

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#Tirgearr Publishing -- spotlight on The Swan's Road by Garth Pettersen -- #blurb and #excerpt #Viking #HistoricalRomance

Today I'm excited to introduce award-winning author Garth Petterson and his novel, The Swan's Road. After the blurb and excerpt, I promise to tell you more about Garth. 


In the eleventh century, Cnute, the Viking king of Engla-lond and Scandinavia, sails with his son, Harald, and his shield brothers to Rome. Thrown off course by a storm, they follow the route up the Rhine. When Harald stays to assist Selia, a beautiful Frisian woman, his path turns perilous. Newfound enemies, retainers of Robert the Devil, Duke of Normandy, pursue them. Harald, Selia, and their companions fail to rendezvous with King Cnute, and are forced to travel cross-country on horseback. If Duke Robert's plan to assassinate Cnute succeeds, an invasion of Engla-lond will follow. Can Harald and Selia reach Rome in time to warn the King?
The Swan's Road is Book #1 in The Atheling Chronicles. It is available along with Book #2, The Dane Law, through the following links:  

Author Bio:

             Garth Pettersen's short stories have appeared in a number of anthologies, and in journals such as Blank SpacesThe Spadina Literary Reviewand The Opening Line Literary 'Zine. His story River's Rising was awarded an Honourable Mention for the Short Story America 2017 Prize, and his fantasy novella, River Born, was one of two runners-up in the Wundor Editions (UK) Short Fiction Prize. The Swan's Road is his debut novel. He is a Canadian writer who lives with his wife on a farm in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver, British Columbia. When he's not writing or working, he's riding horses. 
Read his blogs on writing at or follow him on Facebook at

Excerpt from Chapter 1

       The prow of our longship broke the waves, the salt spray stinging my eyes. My legs bent, and my feet shifted naturally at the rise and fall of the sea. Always, it was the same, when the unfurling sail caught the wind and the ship surged forward. Like when you put heels to horse and she runs. The same. My spirits rising. The sun glistening off the surface of the sea.
       This was more to my liking than learning the ways of the realm, for surely my royal Danish blood was many parts seawater.
       I turned and watched my father, King Cnute, standing with his back to the mast. At forty years, Cnute was past his prime now, though he still maintained the strength of his sword arm, and the force of his will could not be broken. With his red cloak wrapped around him and the bronze circlet on his brow, my father looked out toward the other longships as if his gaze alone was enough to gather them in, to keep the wolf pack together. Four drakkars or longships, sixty men, and a string of horses, an adequate force for a raid, but a mere fighting band in a battle.
       At that moment, he saw me watching him.
       “Harald, my son,” he called. A broad smile lit up his face. I could tell the wind and waves had ripped the weight of kingship from him. “It’s a fine day to be a Dane.” He laughed in that way of his, tossing his head back, so his long mane of gray-blond hair blew in the wind.
       I left the prow and walked the pitching deck to join him.
       “We’ll make the Norman shore by nightfall." His voice rose above the sound of the wind. “The weather will hold so the ships can return with the morning tide.”
       “I wish we were sailing all the way to Rome,” I said. “I am more at home on a deck than a horse.”
       “As am I. But I have need to see the kingdoms of the Holy Roman Empire. There is much to learn—for both of us.”
       I tried to discern if my father alluded to some of my past lapses of judgment: fits of childish anger directed at him, a fondness for ale beyond my ability to control my behavior, and a tendency to be overwhelmed with love for a pretty face. This time, as at others, I could not read what lay behind his words.
My father continued. “This system the Normans and Franks use—fee or fief they call it—I would see how it functions, whether it enslaves those who work the land, or secures them.”
       “Your subjects prosper, Father. Is there need for change?”
       He looked at me shrewdly, wiping seaspray from his face. “Perhaps not. Let us say we shall borrow that which we deem to be good and make note of the rest. A king should always know about his friends, for one day they may be his enemies.”
       “May God will all your days be lived in peace,” said a voice behind me. “Your Eminence,” said the king. I had not seen Archbishop Lyfing approach. He was a short, thin man, and his bishop’s robes only made him look smaller. “The Duke of Normandy’s representative will be watching for us,” the prelate
said. “He will not want to miss collecting the passage toll.” “I bear a letter from the Holy Father,” the king replied, “that will serve as a pass through the toll collectors in any Catholic lands.”
       Lyfing was caught off guard, but replied, “I wasn’t aware of this arrangement.”“You are my Archbishop of Canterbury and my confessor, but you are not privy to all matters of state, Father Lyfing.”
       For a moment, the archbishop’s arrogance faded from his countenance, though he recovered quickly, making a slight bow to the king. Whenever Cnute addressed Lyfing as “Father,” he was reminding the man of his humble priestly beginnings, a role he could be reduced to if he displeased his King.
Not able to keep the smile from my face, I asked to be excused. My father nodded and continued his conversation with the churchman. I made my way toward the stern where my two best friends, Torsten and Gwyn, fished with hand lines ahead of the steersman.
       I said, “It looks to me the crew will be eating salt pork for supper tonight, not sea bass.”
       “The passage is not yet over, young princeling,” Torsten replied. “Chide me at the day’s end.”
       Gwyn grinned. “If we land something spiny and full of worms, we’ll save it for your highness’ supper.”
       We shared the laugh. Torsten, Gwyn, and I had grown up together. Our fathers had fought as shield brothers in the taking of our English kingdom. To be included in this journey was an honor for their families.
The company of our friend, Gwyn, could not be equaled. He loved to jest or tell a tale around a campfire or over horns of ale. Like most Welshmen, Gwyn was dark and short in stature, a wild barbarian in a fight.
       Torsten had a different nature. With a Danish father and an English mother, he stood tall and blond like a Northman. The impression he gave to strangers was of a quiet shyness. But those who sought to take advantage of that lack of brashness suffered for their mistake, for although Torsten was gifted with patience and forbearance, the embers of injustice could be quickly fanned when the need arose. In our world, the need did most often arise.
Of the three of us, I would have to admit to being the most hotheaded and impulsive. I had once chosen like-minded companions, but our antics many times reached the ears of the king. It is one thing to be reprimanded by one’s father; it is quite another when one’s father is the king of the realm. Cnute made it a clear choice: either pursue a royal path or be on my way to the devil. My former companions found themselves shipped off to rustic and unknown relatives in different parts of my father’s vast kingdoms. I found better friends.
“Look, Harald,” said Gwyn, checking his fishline, “what’s all this Holy Roman whatnot we’re off to?”
       “Aye,” said Torsten, “the king’s not one to give his rowers lessons in statecraft.” “That’s because you’re better at rowing than listening.” Torsten reached over to cuff his friend on the head, but Gwyn ducked the blow. “Both of you listen, and I’ll explain it to you,” I said. “You know Cnute rules the
northern lands of Engla-lond, Danmark, Nordvegr, and parts of Sverige? Well, the kingdoms directly south, in central Europe, are tied together as the Holy Roman Empire. This is not the Empire of the old Roman legions, but a Christian alliance of kingdoms under a monarch who is appointed by the Pope in Rome. A new emperor is to be crowned in Rome, and this voyage from Engla-lond, across the Narrow Sea, is the first leg of our journey. Once we get to Normandy, we go overland. I don’t know the whole route, but we keep heading south, all the way to Rome.”
       “And that’s why the archbishop’s crawled out from ’neath his rock, isn’t it?” said Gwyn. “So he can sample the Pope’s wine.”
       “I’m sure there are many reasons for Lyfing to be with us. One is to make our King appear to be more than a northern barbarian. Another is to strengthen our ties with the Holy See. Does this all make sense?”
       “Clear enough,” Torsten replied, peering down at the sea.
“Perfectly clear, Harald,” said Gwyn. “Except the part about the Holy See. I thought we were going overland, didn’t I?”
Just then Gwyn’s line jerked taut, and he struggled to keep hold of it. “Now if you’ve finished preaching to the ignorant, could you help me pull in your supper?”
       The wind held throughout the day, and by evening, the crying of gulls greeted us as we approached the Frankish shore, now held by our Norman cousins. As we neared the beach, we hauled up the sail. It was then an odd thing happened. My actions would cause me to later wonder what the outcome would have been had I acted differently.
       The horses had been tied to ropes stretched across the gunwales. Whether the cause was the smell of land or the nip of a dominant mare, there was a sudden flurry of kicking and biting. At one point, a number of horses shifted to the port side, and the ship tipped. As I steadied my stance, Archbishop Lyfing hit the gunwale, and before the ship could right itself, the priest’s momentum cartwheeled him over the side.
       “Deus!” he cried, before splashing into the sea.
As other crewmen secured the horses, those of us on the port side looked to the bishop’s plight. Encumbered by his heavy bishop’s robe, the man thrashed frantically. To any seafaring man, it was obvious this priest could not swim. I untied my sword, dropped it to the deck, climbed upon the gunwale, and dove into the sea.
       After the first spirit-cleansing shock of the cold seawater, I bobbed to the surface and struck out toward the flailing priest. A drowning man gave in to his panic, which quickly drove him to exhaustion then to sinking.
Our longship had passed us by, though the crew would be fixing the oars at this moment. The distance between Lyfing and me shrank rapidly. My strokes cut through the water with the strength and determination of youth.
The bishop's head submerged and failed to rise again. I tucked and dove. The darkness of the sea had me blind, but my hand touched a swirl of cloak, and I grabbed hold, then turned and kicked upward, hauling up the would-be martyr.
Breaking the surface, I laughed. Perhaps it was the exuberance of my young manhood or the joy of using my strength, but I believe it was amusement at the thought of Archbishop Lyfing gaining entrance to heaven because he drowned while on a pilgrimage to Rome.
       Muscled arms took the archbishop’s limp form from me and plucked him from the sea. A moment later I was hauled over the rail in like manner. Standing with the seawater dripping from my body, I observed the efforts being made to revive the churchman.
       Lyfing lay on the deck chest down, face turned to the side. Alric, my father’s friend and shield brother, thrust straight-armed at the blades of the priest’s shoulders. The king and crew stood round, watching. Water gushed from Lyfing’s mouth, and the soggy-cloaked mass that was our archbishop gasped in a breath. Cheers and laughter broke out from the seamen. The priest drew his knees up under him and proceeded to purge the sea and his last meal onto the planking.
       “It would appear, I won’t be needing a new archbishop,” Cnute said with a smile. 

Meet Garth--

             Garth Pettersen's short stories have appeared in a number of anthologies, and in journals such as Blank SpacesThe Spadina Literary Reviewand The Opening Line Literary 'Zine. His story River's Rising was awarded an Honourable Mention for the Short Story America 2017 Prize, and his fantasy novella, River Born, was one of two runners-up in the Wundor Editions (UK) Short Fiction Prize. The Swan's Road is his debut novel. He is a Canadian writer who lives with his wife on a farm in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver, British Columbia. When he's not writing or working, he's riding horses.  Read his blogs on writing at or follow him on Facebook at

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#Tirgearr Publishing #RomanticSuspense Goddess Fish #BookTour with Bittersweet Alliance, a new release in the Donahue Cousins Series

If you are a reader of romantic suspense and enjoy new release spotlights, please stop by at Independent Authors today.
It started out as a real-life fairy tale. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They stare at each other from across a crowded room and knew with all certainty they were "the one." With their hearts beating heavily, they fall in love at first sight, and ride off into the sunset together. Well, not when he was named in a paternity law suit. She stepped back to give him space... What do they need to work out when they cross paths now?

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#Interview with #Tirgearr Publishing author Mary Bradford @marytbrad and spotlight on Don't Call Me Mum

Please meet talented writer Mary Bradford who answered some questions, and then stay for a blurb of her book, Don't Call Me Mum!

Mary, can you please tell me a little bit about yourself?
Married and a mother of four and also Nana to two little boys at present. From Cork, so Irish. I’m a middle child and it was a case of too young for the older two and too old for the younger two. But I am very close to my siblings and this reflects in my writing. I cover family relationships, friendships and how life is seen from different viewpoints within the same family.

How long have you been writing?
Oh so long now that I can’t recall when I started. I do remember writing letters to friends abroad that would be ten pages of foolscap or A4 as it’s now known. Wow, I really am showing my age, does anyone write letters nowadays?

When did you know you wanted to be a writer? Was it a gradual decision or did you just suddenly know?
I never saw myself as a writer. It just seemed to evolve to what I did once my family were raised and time became mine again.

Do you have an agent/publisher and how did you find the experience of getting one?
I don’t have an agent but seeking one for the first time this year after receiving advice to do so. I have a publisher, Tirgearr Publishing that my first two novels and a novella are with. It was a daunting task, because I was totally green when it came to seeking either. I assumed you wrote a book, sent it to publishers and then after so many rejections you found a publisher. I was blessed my first novel I’d ever written was published, which I believe does not always happen.

What are your tips for dealing with rejection?
Acceptance. Once you say to yourself, not everyone is going to want my work, but someone out there will, then you move on. It applies to all creative styles. We are individuals’ so we all can’t like the same thing.

What genres do you write?
I write mainly Contemporary/Women’s which my novels are, but also I have dabbled in Western and Erotic fiction. I was asked to write two western novellas by a group of writers in the USA, which I did and I loved the research involved for that era. I see myself going back to it sometime. It was the same for the erotic/adult romance, I was offered the challenge by my publisher for their Hot City Night Series. I say challenge because it had strict guidelines to write to. A challenge is always a good thing.

What time of day to you prefer to write?
There is no set time of day, but I do feel better when I write in the morning.

Do you have a special writing space?
I am going to my local library for eight years to write.

Do you outline your books ahead of time or just go for it?
I just go for it. I usually know the idea/plot I want to write and how I think it will end. But I never know what the next scene will be or the next word is until I sit down and hit the keyboard.

Who are your favourite authors?
I have too many to name plus if I’m honest, I cannot for the life of me recall names or titles but I can tell you the type of cover!!

If you could recommend one book that everyone should read, what would it be?
Gosh what a brilliant question, can I say mine? See above answer for not knowing names, sorry Amanda.

Your latest book Don’t Call Me Mum is women’s fiction, what was the inspiration behind it and is there anything you would like readers to know?
This book, my second published novel is a follow up to My Husband’s Sin. The main character, Lacey Taylor is on a quest in book one and I was thrilled and a bit chuffed when readers while leaving their great reviews asked me what happened next to Lacey. So that is how it came about and I am also thrilled to say those loyal readers have asked for a third, which I am writing. But that’s it then for the Taylor family I promise. Each book though can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Is this a series and if so how many books are planned for the series?
I am working on the last book of this trilogy at present. My publishers have named the series, The Lacey Taylor Story.

Where can readers find out more about you?
I have a website, and also a newsletter that readers might like to sign up for. Readers can go to my author page at
Also I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Is there a question I haven’t asked that you would love to answer?
I think your questions have been great and covered all. I would like to add that if anyone reading this is thinking about writing, go for it. Everything can be managed with baby steps. That’s my motto, take it in baby steps and you will get there. Plus read, reading is important if you are a writer. I joined my local library when I was five years old, maybe I was destined to be a writer all those years ago.

What are your working on now and when is your next book due out?
I am working on the final book of The Lacey Taylor Story, titled Too Late Now. I also have another novel, which has a working title, Cregane Court which is out seeking an agent at present. No dates yet fixed for publication.

Now for a spotlight on Mary Bradford's book--

Don’t Call Me Mum
Raised by a cold stepmother, Lacey Taylor’s life was turned upside down by the stroke of a pen, putting her on a path to find her birth mother, Cora Maguire. Having found her, life is not as sweet as she hoped for. Cora is not the maternal type, for her, career is paramount to all else, even to her only child, Lacey. Their relationship, is at best strained. Lacey battles for her mother’s affection but when her life-path takes an unplanned twist, Cora is furious.

Lacey’s half-siblings, the Taylors want to help, but they have their own demons that threaten to rip the family apart. The price Lacey pays for happiness is high, how high surprises everyone. Don’t Call Me Mum, a drama that explores the ups and downs of life and what can make some families break in the face of heartache, it can strengthen others. 

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A first #Review @CathyGehe just in time for #TirgearrTuesday #Romantic Suspense

TitleBittersweet Alliance: Donahue Cousins Series: #3
Free on Kindle Unlimited
AuthorKathleen Rowland (Author)
ReviewBittersweet Alliance by Kathleen Rowland
Donahue Cousins #3

Seven years can be a long time but when two people grew as close as Danker and Jolene did, meet again and find that the chemistry is as hot as it was years before well then the conclusion is a given, right? This was a wonderful second chance romance that I totally believed in. I understood why the two didn’t stay together seven years before and why it worked out for them when they met again. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them today. I loved Jolene’s feisty personality and big heart and how it clicked so well with tough take-charge Danker. I also enjoyed seeing how the two managed to mesh their lives by the end of the book. How did they meet up again? Over a case they are to solve together that includes kidnapping on Jolene’s home turf, Hawaii. The evil people were EVIL and their eventual capture was what I eagerly looked forward to. AND...boy oh boy did Danker and Jolene burn up the sheets on the page and in the bedroom ;) Definitely recommend it and look forward to reading whatever book comes next in this series.

Thank you to the author for the ARC – This is my honest review.

4.5 Stars

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Spotlight on #Tirgearr author Charlotte Howard @Shy_Tiger and her #eroticromance The Black Door.

Today my spotlight shines on author Charlotte Howard and her book, The Black Door.  She drinks tea, owns cats, and writes erotic and contemporary romance. Can you guess her books are favorites?
Heroine of her book, Imogen Pearce is a single mum of four children and fast approaching 40, she works at Ryedale Incorporated where she has to battle a younger and smarter generation to get to where she wants to go. If that means taking on the account of Cherry and Sean Rubin’s adult shop, then she will. But what happens when Imogen discovers the private club that they run at the back? And what happens when she realizes she knows quite a few members?
Charlotte asks, How many times have you picked up a book, and put it down again because the characters are wooden and lack dimension? Sadly, too often. The dialogue’s the same, the speech patterns are the same, there’s no depth to them, they’re unrealistic, and they become boring.
I get asked a lot how I manage to make my characters realistic, and the truth is I base them on real people.
Some authors will write an in-depth character sheet for each character. They’ll go as far as writing a history for them, and creating family trees. I don’t. Or not for a standalone novel, anyway. I’ll write a basic sheet so Bob doesn’t have blue eyes in one chapter and brown in another, and I’ll jot down their flaws, but I don’t delve too deep into their past, because to be perfectly honest, it’s irrelevant.

#BeachRead #RomanticSuspense #Tirgear Donahue Cousins Series has a special price!

The Irish-American romantic suspense Donahue Cousins Series is on sale for $2.99 now through the weekend or 99 cents separately on Amazon. ...