Friday, April 29, 2016

Deadly Alliance review from Rana Ibrahim in Lebonon!

Thank you, Goodreads Reviewer Rana Ibrahim. Can you blame me for doing the happy dance? Rana's review, copied and pasted below, for Deadly Alliance:

Amy had stood beside her ex-boyfriend in his sickness, after his death Finn employed Amy and he had a previously bad experience as a child which left its mark upon him, so he wanted a woman in his bed, but not in his life was what he often said. As Amy started work with him, he tried to show power and authority but she was strong and put her own conditions. We notice a flick of interest between them.
i liked the good English language used in the novel, it had good beginnings and endings for each chapter.
I loved the combination of characters of the novel Amy the romantic, sensitive and strong-willed woman. I respect her for sacrificing a lot for her ex-boyfriend and the showing power in front of Finn and put her own conditions. Finn at the beginning he showed power and authoritative then he turned into a man full of emotions and love. Cassidy the materialistic, shallow and spiteful. Amy saw her ex-boyfriend on the funeral day, that makes us wonder is she imagining or was Lezsstill alive.
I loved its quotes:
It's a thing. It's replaceable. That's not true with people.

I loved the romanticism: We? how sweet. A small bubble of pride expanded inside her. She was with him.

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