Wednesday, October 9, 2019

#BookQW word is DAY. Excerpt from #Tirgearr Publishing's romantic suspense, Bittersweet Alliance. Every day he appreciated the simple, wonderful things that go along with a child having #Downsyndrome.

This is the day of the week when authors share excerpts on Book Quote Wednesday. The excerpt below is from Bittersweet Alliance

Danker yanked open the door to his navy-blue rented Jeep and slid under the steering wheel. In his rearview he watched Jolene’s red Subaru pass behind him. He backed out and tailed her with the voice of Iz Kamakawiwo╩╗ole wailing his song, "Over the Rainbow," on the radio.
Windows down, he sped past surfers carrying boards on their heads and bicyclists wheeling kayaks behind them. Joggers filled the streets.  Life on the Big Island was as laid back as strumming the ukulele. Near perfect for his transition. He’d been out of work due to his eye injury and had been for a while. That was okay. It gave him time with Emmy, making sure she was fussed over, hugged, kissed, and set straight, but loved every day. Emmy loved back, so hard and true. This got him thinking about all those simple, wonderful things that go along with having a child with Down syndrome. It’s the stuff they don't tell you when the genetic counselor sits there with a clipboard explaining chromosomes and whatnot.
His ex, Louella, had intended to prove her new guy was the father. The DNA results surprised everyone. Danker didn’t resist the responsibility, but the loss of Jolene was always there, in the back of his mind. As a couple, he and Lou hadn’t stood a chance. 
Seeing Jolene again was hard. In some ways hard to beat. His foot touched the gas, and the Jeep rumbled. He hungered for her touch. Before he had to leave, would she be responsive?  The thrum of her companionship moved through his brain as he followed behind her. He kept the image of her taking him on top with the lights on, her toned body naked. Her wavy black hair spread out over his pillow as he moved upward, in and out. His loins became heavy and full in response, and he swore under his breath. Damn their situation. Damn her for not fighting for him. Damn her for harboring a ridiculous standard of family values. Other people hadn’t seen her that way.
She could be warm and engaging when she chose.  Jolene worked that on local Hawaiians. They were a friendly pack, rewarding each other with mutual support. According to Agent Gary Guhleman, she had them eating out of her hand.
Others didn’t see the side of her that she’d revealed to him, someone unyielding. She stood on her own two feet, made it with her own accomplishments, and then tiptoed away. He hated desiring the woman who’d splintered his heart.

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