Tuesday, July 23, 2019

#amwriting #Tirgearr author shares how to write an #alphahero -- a must-read if you're writing romantic suspense or mystery

Firstly, the romantic suspense genre dictates strong alphas. Secondly, these men will not strike your readers as annoying dicks if they’re well motivated.
Let me share qualities necessary for the alpha male heroes in my Irish-American Donahue Cousins series with Tirgearr Publishing. 

Make your guy vulnerable in some are. In book one, Deadly Alliance, Finn Donahue suffers from two things: an insider in his company is stealing from him and he worries about his dad’s emphysema. In book two, UnholyAlliance, Grady Donahue Fletcher walks the straight and narrow because of a custody battle. In book three, Bittersweet Alliance, Danker Donahue loves his daughter with Down Syndrome and this situation impacts his relationship decisions. My guys have fears and needs, but here are core similarities:
1.   Alphas are leaders. Protectors. Decisive. They what’s right.
2.   They share their opinions and argue.
3.   Alphas are strong and silent. They rarely share their feelings.
4.   Alphas have a problem-solving instinct and will go the extra mile for the heroine.
5.   They are tough on enemies but super-gentle the women they love.

Each book is on sale for 99 cents on Amazon for a limited time. 

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