Wednesday, September 26, 2018

#BookQW is mistake. Find it in your book and share. #Tirgearr #RomanticSuspense -- Unholy Alliance excerpt.

Happy Book Quote Wednesday. Mistake is the featured word today, and here is an excerpt from UNHOLY ALLIANCE, book 2 in my Donahue Cousins series. Attorney Grady Fletcher warns his client, Tori, not to search for her cousin whom she believes is held captive by the Irish mob.

“Finding Vivienne?” He balled his fists at his sides and looked away. His head throbbed over her risky search. He made the mistake of meeting her gaze. The look on her face pleaded for understanding. Her persistence overpowered his energy to stop her.

“She’s in danger.” The hopeful woman gazed up at him with eyes filled with warmth, the kind of down-to-earth warmth he longed to have wrapped around him.

“The mob hates anti-extortion squads,” he reminded her.

She waved off his warning. “About tonight,” she said, “Sherlock and I will sleep on the carpet in your office.”

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