Wednesday, August 1, 2018

#BookQW word is WAIT-- excerpt from #Tirgearr #RomanticSuspense Unholy Alliance when Tori needs a license to run a food truck. How long must she wait?

Her search for her cousin depends on running a food truck in a seedy neighborhood. She has a hunch, and it won't let go. Her cousin was kidnapped by and Irish gang.  Unholy Alliance-- book 2 in the Irish American Donahue cousins series.

Her hands were still shaking when she picked through more junk mail to find an envelope from the Long Beach Truck Society. The thought of facing more bad news made her shrivel deep inside where she protected her tender dream to run a food truck. Would she be a dead duck or a sitting one that had to submit more paperwork and wait? If the society knew she was an ex-con, she’d be a gone goose. A cooked goose. Whatever simile she used fit.

She opened the envelope and read the first line, “Welcome to the Long Beach Food Truck Society.” Tori read the notice once, then twice, and closed her post office box without letting go of the business license packet. Completing this first step filled her spirit like a tropical smoothie, but she wouldn’t gain anything by putting off the second step. In a way, she’d laid groundwork. For a solid two weeks, she’d driven her pickup from her apartment to the lot for lunch.

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