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#BookQW word is RELAX. #Tirgearr Publishing Deadly Alliance on sale for #99cents-- read an excerpt!

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There she was on a Friday morning in October in Lake Arrowhead heading for her third interview with Finn. Big mistake. Amy doubted he would hire her. Not if he knew what she’d discovered last night. Les or someone close to him had lodged a dirty secret inside her folder for shorts patterns. How could she possibly relax?

Clenching the dratted envelope, she wasn’t the hopeful person she was yesterday when she stumbled through Arrowhead Cafe’s open door. Her achy toe twinged in pain, minor compared to the growing pulse across her forehead. As she whiffed rich, oily coffee, her stomach protested. She eased her way through bodies. Like everywhere in their lake community on a Friday, the restaurant crawled with out-of-towners.

Finn had chosen a secluded table here, instead of where she’d be working if he hired her. These people were strangers compared to office acquaintances, whom she knew because of Les, with an urge to snoop. Sinking into the same spot where she’d met Finn’s head accountant on Monday and Wednesday, a burn of anxiety made its way up her esophagus. She glanced at her phone’s home screen. No messages. He was late, and she listened for the rumble of his kickass Harley.

Heard it roar. He hadn’t forgotten their appointment.

A wave swelled through the crowd with heads turning and looking past where she huddled. Amy leaned around a pillar to spot the source of the commotion. Finn, all six-and-a-half feet of him, wore a black, tailor-fitted leather jacket and black-as-death, Kevlar pants. Sexy, yes, but she wasn’t here for a date. If and when the time was right, she’d pick an average-looking guy. Knowing how good looks fizzled made her immune.

With his helmet tucked under an elbow, Finn shifted between onlookers. The patrons tracked his rolling stride toward her.

She pulled back, instinct driving her to shield herself with the wide packet. It slipped from her hands and thumped to the floor. As she seized it, her peripheral vision caught his harsh, chiseled chin.

His intense, blue eyes stripped her of her talent for blending in. Exposed for who she was, guilty by association, he captured her distress. “You’re on the sunny side of prompt.” His ruthless face softened. “In spite of last night,” the tough guy added with more warmth in his tone.

Drat, she wasn’t immune, but she did have common sense. “I’m on time. No matter what.” Desperate for oxygen, she took a deep, slow breath and tried to release the hard grip she had on the thick envelope.

He studied her face. “What’s with the white knuckles?”

The manila envelope throbbed in her hands, begging her to come clean. “We need to talk.”

“Talk?” He chuckled and waved off the idea. His manly cologne drifted her way, but she didn’t allow it to be intoxicating

The waitress, believing he’d signaled her, breezed over. “I know your order from before.” She set down lattes, a few sugar packets, and bagels, free on Fridays.

After handing the waitress a twenty, Finn slid a bite of bagel between his lips and followed it with a sip. He looked the same except for the furrowing of his brow. “When I glanced over your qualifications, I acted on impulse.”

“I acted as my own bookkeeper. Used Excel.”

“Before you became a taxi driver.”

“Well, you used to be an Army Ranger.” She sipped and coughed from the stupid thing she said. As she dug her fingernails into the envelope, packed with incrimination, she leaned toward the grave she was digging. “I found something of Lester’s.”

“I don’t collect keepsakes.” Tapping his steel-toed boot, the big guy eyed her as if he found the Les topic troubling.

Her hands were shaking. Never good at retorts, she came up dry.

He gazed at the earth-toned ceiling. “Okay, fine. Show me in an hour?”

Out of politeness, she finished her pumpkin spice latte, purchased and not to be wasted.

In a rush he downed his last drop and withdrew the mug from his lips. “You’ll start this morning?”

It sounded like a question, but she knew it was a command. She threw him a tight smile. “Yes, thank you. I’ll balance-sheet ten clients by end of day.”

“That does it, you’re hired.” He pulled out his cell. “Brooke. Our new bookkeeper is on her way. You know Amy. Get her going on paperwork?” Another command. On the adjacent table, littered with unopened sugar packets, he stuffed two into his pocket.

“Take mine.” She pushed hers toward him.

“You think I’m a sugar junkie?” He smiled. “Need to make a delivery. Someone ran out.” He had the hot-CEO thing going. His lashes lowered, taking on a slumberous expression that set her heart to pounding.

As she stood, she took note of his quirky combo of a love-em-and-leave-em reputation and friend. Lester’s former partner extended his hand. Amy returned his all-business handshake. For a few seconds while going through the doorway with his hand low on her back, her near-dead libido hummed.

He said, “Get going on the paperwork. Catch you later at the office?”

“Later, Finn,” she echoed and quickened her edgy pace toward his corporate headquarters. Not having told him drove her restlessness up a notch. With each step she took, she weaved various scenarios. If she didn’t tell him, the facts would come out, pellet her like hail, and she’d beg back her job behind the wheel of a taxi. She settled on sharing the envelope’s contents ASAP.

Shivering in spite of traitorous low-down embers, she pulled her blazer tighter. How should she say it? Hurrying toward The Bow, the three-story corporate showplace, she decided to say nothing and let the envelope speak for itself. Rain and lightning swept away dreams, but honesty prevented a mud slide of self-respect.

Finbar Donahue. Brown, longish hair with a hint of gray interspersed, blue eyes with lines from smiling, muscle-defined arms, and broad shoulders, the bachelor had won a Congressional Medal of Honor for selflessness. How alike were Finn and Les?

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