Wednesday, November 29, 2017

#Tirgearr author #BookQW #nothing from Unholy Alliance by Kathleen Rowland

The word for Book Quote Wednesday (#BookQW) is NOTHING!  The following excerpt featuring NOTHING is from Unholy Alliance when hero Grady listens to Tori say she'll play this like nothing happened. Is he getting what he thought he wanted?

“Just so you know, I hope after the New Year, this won’t feel awkward.” She was dressing and neatening the bed at the same time.
“I’m glad.” As he watched her tuck under the blanket, he wanted to get back in bed with her. Was she smoothing her way to a break up?
“Amy and Finn are the best friends I’ve ever had. I really like Shane and of course, Maeve,” she said.
“They care about you, too.”
“So, can you keep this between us? I’m not saying it’s a mistake. It is temporary.” Tori smiled, and it didn’t waver.
His heart stopped. A minute before, this was what he wanted to hear.
“Our partnership is our secret. I’m hoping we don’t have to tell anyone. Around other people, let’s act like a lawyer and client.” She looked up at him through dark eyelashes. “Can you do that?”
“Sure.” Grady found his voice, but what was squeezing in his chest? “No problem. I’m down with the idea. We’ll play it like nothing happened.”
“When our partnership ends, I won’t be giving you the whiny chick routine.” She reached into a narrow closet for a skirt and put in on in record time.

Grady got what he wished for. The way Tori called his name while he was buried inside her meant more to him than it did her. He didn’t want what he thought he wanted.

Unholy Alliance is a stand-alone romantic suspense, book 2 in the Donahue Cousins series.

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