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Sometimes Love Will Be the Thing to Really Free You From Prison - Brilliant Story!
Posted May 7, 2017 on Goodreads
This review is for: UnholyAlliance: A Donahue Cousins Novel (Kindle Edition)

I was pulled into Unholy Alliance in the first sentence “Don’t let the anxiety of freedom consume you.” I enjoy stories that involve some sort of prison, both tangible and emotional, because I have always been fascinated by the power of the human spirit in overcoming time spent in prison. I also find that for many people, there is the element of an emotional prison we put ourselves in, much like the characters in this story.

Questions flowed through my mind from page one. Imagine spending all that time in prison? How would you feel if you were still afraid after being released? How will you find your missing cousin? How do you handle feelings for a man that helped you? How do you start over? Second chances abound within this story and I love how the plot unfolded, answering so many things running through my mind. I love getting to know how my character is thinking. It is done well in this book. I do find myself wanting to know more about some of the characters we are introduced to during the path of this story…maybe another book like this one will follow soon? My fingers are crossed in hope!

Kathleen Rowland just has an amazing gift with words and her storytelling. There is great attention to detail that is not forgotten while building up this intriguing plot. Again, this adds to the reader’s emotional journey along with the main character, making us feel her struggle while we read. I find the best books are like this, where you are completely invested in the characters and what happens to them.

Unholy Alliance shows us how relationships can both build you up and tear you down. How a truth you once believed can become false in an instant, and yet you can rebuild yourself from the ashes that remain. This story also shows you how love can build even when faced with unique challenges that are shown in Grady and Tori’s relationship. I loved the questions going through my mind as I read and watched their relationship unfold. And I really love the heat these two have….so steamy! I love how Tori was witty and had a good sense of humour, even after everything she had been through and is still going through. I love the vanilla cookie connection that has been created between these two! I do not want to spoil the story for anyone but I really liked that there was a hot HEA that felt satisfying and true to our main characters.

This story has all the elements you want in a read. Crime, suspense, action, intrigue, love scenes and yet it is still fun to read. You must read this book by Kathleen Rowland…you will be hooked like I was! And I love the hidden “Easter egg” at the end of the book to give us a further glimpse into the story!

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