Friday, May 12, 2017

#Somethingdifferent #Tirgearr #Saturdaymorning Your publisher sent you a T-shirt...what?!

This is exactly what's happening!  Around a hundred authors writing for Tirgearr Publishing are receiving T-shirts.  This true story will give you an insider peek of the win-win business style of Tirgearr Publishing.
In addition readers are buying them from the Tirgearr website. 

Publisher Kemberlee Shortland brought a huge plastic container of 30 packaged T-shirts into her small village post office in Ireland, and the employee’s face lit with anxiety.
Kemberlee explained there were two more bins just like this in the car. “Just like this.  All envelopes are the same weight.  I won’t be doing this on a regular basis.”
“Are you running a business?” the woman asked.
Kemberlee explained she and her husband, Peter Shortland,  run a publishing company and they’d just celebrated a benchmark birthday, and the envelopes all contained T-shirts as birthday gifts to the authors.
The post office employee, Mary, seemed both surprised and shocked that the Shortlands were publishers who were giving gifts to their authors. That’s when Kemberlee brought up the website and showed her some Tirgearr books and the T-shirts. Unfortunately,  Kemberlee was out of business cards by then because they all went into the packages to show the authors she personally handpacked the T-shirts!
“Fabulous T-shirts,” Mary said, “and after work I’m looking up your website.” After a pause, she asked, “No more packages in the near future?”
Kemberlee knew the woman would have to refer her to either the general post office (GPO) in the main town which doesn’t have parking, or the sorting office which doesn’t have a counter which sells stamps.  Kemberlee assured her by saying,   “This is a once off. I’ll still be sending occasional packages, but not 70 at a time again.”  J
As they spoke, Mary was putting the stamps on the packages and stuffing them into a Santa-like sack that would go into the van that would ultimately go to the sorting office for sorting and delivery around Ireland and out to the world.
The village post office is located at the back of a small grocery store. On the way out, Kemberlee grabbed a handmade scone and a cup of tea as a treat for her effort for when she got home.
Tirgearr is a small independently-owned  publishing company of  commercial adult genre fiction whose backlist is predominantly mystery, romance, and suspense.

I'm proud to have two books with Tirgearr Publishing, Deadly Alliance and Unholy Alliance

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