Wednesday, October 17, 2018

#BookQW word is LIGHT-- for years he's preached the gospel of 'Keep things light'. Visit for fun excerpt, #Tirgearr City Nights story is #99cents

Are you ready for a Book Wednesday Quote? A marine biologist meets lots of scuba diving women, and he keeps things light. This prevents a number of adverse factors.  One Night in Havana is 99cents/99pence for a short time on any Amazon.

Carlos cursed inwardly, hating himself for wanting Roni permanently. What he wanted was impossible. Insane. But here he was in a snare. A snare with time slipping away like sand through a glass. “I want you to miss me.”

“You know I will. I’ll hold onto the memory of tonight. Not only our romps in the sack. You.”  Tenderness in her blue eyes held sincerity.

“We both will,” he said, and for the first time meant it. It’d taken him years to perfect the illusion of having no feelings. He slipped his fingers through strands of her silky hair. “I like seeing you in my shirt.”

“Can I keep it as a souvenir?” Her accented New York voice was light and sexy. Roni lacked the protective shell he carried.

“Si, Roni,” he whispered, and when she extended her long fingers in his direction, her warmth traveled over his skin. He took her hand and bent to meet her gaze.

“When will I see you again?” Roni was soft, sweet, and at the same time strong and full of fire. Beautiful, and he wanted to be inside of her so badly he hurt.

He didn’t know. “Love hurts. I’ll die each time I read one of your articles.”

“Hey! Every year I have two weeks of vacation. This summer I’ll fly down.” She spoke with a tremor.

“How about coming for long weekends?” he asked. “Surprise me.”

“What if you’re busy?”
“You can crash my party anytime. Wreck my plans. That’s all right.” He kissed her. Once more. Again.

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