Wednesday, May 16, 2018

#BookQW is lift #Tirgearr #RomanticSuspense Who was this innocent ex-con back when she was incarcerated? Fight scene shows it all!

Book Quote Wednesday's word is LIFT.  Who was Tori Morningstar before her release from prison for a murder she didn't commit?  She was a fighter and worked the heavy bag to protect herself in the yard-- from Unholy Alliance:  25% off today on Amazon.

Excerpt, Tori in prison:

Tori blocked her next punch with her forearm. The blow stung.

Big B. gritted her teeth, let out a groan.

“You’re an animal, Bertha.”

The hefty gal lifted a leg, but Tori dodged her sloppy kick. While Bertha’s balance tipped, she rushed forward and forced her elbow up at her face.

Her opponent pulled her head back just in time, and her elbow only grazed her chin. Bertha punched her in the ribs, and she stumbled to the side, recovering her breath. Tori spotted the opening but opted against a punch to the face. She watched. Bertha’s hands were high, and she guarded her nose and cheeks, leaving her stomach and ribs exposed. Their eyes met for a second.

Tori aimed an uppercut low, this time below the bellybutton. Her fist forced a heavy breath from B’s mouth, so loud she felt air against her ear. B gasped, and Tori sweep-kicked her legs out from under her. Big Bertha thumped on the ground, sending dust into the air. Tori pulled her foot back and kicked as hard as she could at her ribs.

Ebony, her sparring partner, clapped in approval.

Bertha curled into a ball to protect her side, and Tori kicked her again, but when she had her foot aimed for her face, she pulled it back. “I’m done, Bertha.”

Red Moll looked edgy, like dynamite ready to blow, and kicked her in the face. Blood sprung from Bertha’s nose, and Tori whiffed copper. Another inmate kicked her in the chest.

Ebony clamped a hand on Tori’s shoulder. “Let’s split.”

Behind them, Bertha groaned. Tori heard a gurgling in her throat and glanced at her cellmate.

Ebony’s eyes were thoughtful, slightly tilted. “Are you okay?”

Tori wiped the sweat from her forehead. “I’m fine. Don’t feel guilty for what I did.” She said it again, this time for herself. “Hard to believe Bertha’s friends jumped in. Against her.”

“They kick anyone who’s down.”

 [S-E1]give the character one name through out.  Also, the names are overused here

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