Thursday, April 26, 2018

#ParanormalRomance #blurb and #excerpt spotlight on Bastion by Rita finalist Marie Johnston @mjohnstonwriter

Let me introduce top author, Marie Johnston, an award-winning writer of paranormal and contemporary romance, and a RITA® Finalist. Marie decided to pursue her passion for writing and traded in her lab coat for a laptop to write her first book ever, Fever Claim. She lives in the upper Midwest with her husband, four kids, and old kitty. Other than hanging out with her family, Marie enjoys reading, movie dates with her hubby, getting outside on sunny days, and the all too rare - girls' night out.

Now for the spotlight-- Bastian by Marie Johnston, book 6 of the New Vampire Disorder series. 

Born into wealth and privilege, Ophelia knows better than anyone the rot that hides at the top. That’s because she’s made it her job to clean up the filth. So when the butler of a prominent vampire family shows up on her doorstep, pleading for sanctuary for him and his employers’ teenage scion, she expects nothing but tarnished silver.

Bastian has long since lost his belief that those who rule his people ever deserved the privilege, but now he must turn to one of the elite to save the girl he thinks of as his daughter. Yet while Ophelia’s ideologies chafe, she’s different. He also knows better than anyone how betrayal destroys, and why she’s steeled herself against everyone, including him.

Together, Bastian and Ophelia must hunt the demons that threaten their race, but their class differences—and their dangerous chemistry—threaten to topple their partnership. If they can’t work together, the demons will conquer all, starting with Bastian’s innocent charge.


Ophelia strode away, expecting them to follow.
“She’s no threat to you,” he murmured to the girl, shuffling behind her.
No threat? Ophelia had her back to them. They couldn’t see her lips twist in a disgusted sneer. No threat. Why? Because she was so much smaller than the already statuesque teenager? Or because she’d obviously turned her back on her prime family and their power along with it?
Her weapons weren’t compensation for anything. They were an extension of her personality. But she wouldn’t expect a favored butler to understand.
Bastian’s pained grunt squelched her ire. Maybe she should offer to lend a hand. She could fireman-carry Bastian to the infirmary. Though his knuckles and toes might drag on the floor, because even hunched and drawn in on himself, he was a big man.
To be fair, most males of her species were sizeable. Vampires spawned supermodels and Magic Mike extras. Bastian would probably measure up to the rest of the males on her team, despite being born of common blood.
Good genetics, and his parents had nourished him well.
The familiar simmer of resentment flared in her gut. She stuffed it down like she’d done for the last 111 years.

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