Wednesday, September 13, 2017

#BookQW word is WORK. #TirgearrPublishing Deadly Alliance by Kathleen Rowland #RomanticSuspense

It's Wednesday and time for a lot of fun-- BookQW's word is work.  Here is a quote from Deadly Alliance followed by an excerpt when Amy is interviewing for a job.

“What happened to your last bookkeeper?”
“It’s confidential.” He furrowed his brow. “How is your work ethic?”
“If I don’t understand something, I ask. I work harder than the high-IQ people you might know. I try to like everyone, and I’m a team player.”
“In other words it’d take murder for you to hate someone.”
“Something like that,” she said.
He creased his brow. “I’ll meet your conditions if you meet mine. Before quitting, give me a month’s warning. You’re bringing your sportswear company back to life.”
“Fair enough,” she said, but his words, back to life, made her think the opposite. Lester’s open casket was a mistake.
“We’ve got a deal.”
Ignoring the constriction in her chest, she handed him the manila envelope. “This popped up like an evil Jack-in-a-box.”
Pushing a pile of papers off to a corner, he asked, “Photos?” Taking the envelope with both hands, he dumped the contents onto his massive desk.
“There’s just one photo, Lester’s, on a fake driver’s license.” She rose from her chair and pointed to it.
Finn grabbed the license and brought it close to his eyes. “Les’s photo carries the name of Edward Smithson. Les and I bought this man’s company, Edward Smithson Incorporated.”
“His, rather Les’s, California license with the hologram passes for genuine. Not that it makes you feel any better.” Seeing Finn stoop over it, she empathized with his anxiety. 
Deadly Alliance is book 1 of the Donahue Cousins series.

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