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Today I have my spotlight on City Nights book #31 from Tirgearr Publishing.
Great news: One Night in Kuala Lumpur is available for pre-order at 0.99 on Amazon!
Did I mention Abbey MacMunn writes amazing stories?

You will find book links below, but before we get started, Abbey is sharing her inspiration with us. 

I’m often asked where I get the inspiration for my stories, but it’s a difficult question to answer because inspiration comes from so many places; a snippet of conversation, a dream, a character who demands to have their story told, but sometimes an idea will pop into my head when I least expect it.
The inspiration behind One Night in Kuala Lumpur was one such incident. I was doing an interview, one of my first for my debut paranormal romance, Touched. As you can imagine, I was very excited and had put my writing on hold while I focused on promoting my new book. During the interview, I was asked where I set my novels, and I suddenly realised I’d based everything I’d written so far around several areas in the UK, mainly where I live and where I’d been on holiday.
This got me thinking.
In my twenties, I’d been lucky enough to travel the globe, a time my husband and I refer to as B.C, before children, and had many fond memories of my travels, and so endless possibilities for new stories. 
I knew my publisher, Tirgearr, had a series called City Nights, a unique, erotic romance series with fellow Tirgearryens contributing stand-alone stories to the collection.
My time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia immediately sprung to mind. Its vibrancy, its multicultural community, the diversity of its bustling, modern city, still steeped in history and traditions, all called to me and I knew I had to share some of my experiences there.
And before you start having dirty thoughts, I don’t mean experiences of the erotic kind! 😉
I’m talking about the amazing sights, sounds, and smells, and also the not so pleasant experiences. One thing I remember all too well was burning the soles of my feet on the burning hot pavement. Boy, it was so painful I couldn’t walk for days, but that experience went into my story!
The superb food, the shopping malls and the wonderful Central Market, where locals show their arts and crafts, were places that both fascinated me and left me awe-struck.
This began the idea for my character, Ziva Clarke. I made her a successful artist whose career came a price—she’d lost her inspiration. An impromptu trip to the Far East follows, as does meeting the sexy Sam Tempest, a troubled businessman who longs to follow his true passion—wood sculpting. With Malaysia’s soaring temperatures and high humidity, it’s not long before Ziva and Sam get hot and steamy in the city.

One Night in Kuala Lumpur
Abbey MacMunn

In search of inspiration and excitement, successful artist, Ziva Clarke, takes a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her exhibitions in the UK have left her exhausted, she’s had no fun in ages and her creativity is at below zero—the exotic Far East could be just what she needs.
Charmer Sam Tempest is visiting Kuala Lumpur on business with his father, but behind the impeccable suit and the wicked smile, he’s not a happy man. Duty bound to join his family’s international business, Sam longs to follow his true passion—to carve wood sculptures.
The two lonely souls meet by chance on a crowded street, and when it turns out they might not be the strangers they first thought, so begins a night of confessions, shared dreams and hot sex.
Can one steamy night in Kuala Lumpur be the answer to both their dreams?

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Can one steamy night in Kuala Lumpur be the answer to both their dreams?

Squinting, Ziva tried to see who’d spoken in a deep, smooth-as-silk British accent.
A tall man stood before her and greeted her with an alluring, lopsided smile that exuded confidence. Kind eyes crinkled at the corners.
His broad shoulders were clad in a navy, tailored business suit. With his thick hair, a rich, burnt umber colour, slicked back off his forehead, and an angular, clean-shaven jaw, the guy could have stepped off the set of a TV advert for men’s cologne. And his lips… oh boy, his lips. Full, well-defined, and made for sinning.
Her mouth dried. Kuala Lumpur grew more interesting by the second.
Elise filled in for her temporary inability to speak. “No, we haven’t. My sister failed to mention Pavilion or Lot 10. I’m afraid she doesn’t share my love for shopping.”
Surprise flashed across his face before his smile widened then hitched higher in one corner. Yep, male model material. Just my luck if he’s gay.
Elise shifted from one foot to the other and adjusted her hold on her dozen or so shopping bags. “Are the malls far?”
“No, not far. They’re near the Golden Triangle part of the city.”
Ziva stifled another groan. More malls, right near where they were staying.
The guy tipped his head. “I’m Sam, by the way.” Sophisticated charm oozed from every pore. “It’s lovely to meet two beautiful English roses so far from home.” Although he spoke to both of them, he directed an intense gaze at Ziva. Mischievous cobalt eyes sparkled in the bright sunlight then he winked at her. Hmm, not gay then.
“Hi, I’m Elise,” her sister said, sticking out her chest. “Nice to meet you, too.” She shuffled her feet again. “My feet are roasting standing here.”
Ziva glanced at Elise’s unsuitable choice of footwear as she stood on a drain cover. “I’m not surprised your feet are hot. It’s ninety-five degrees and you’re wearing high-heeled boots. I told you to wear your flat sandals.”
Elise rolled her eyes. “Flat sandals do not go with this outfit,” she said resignedly. “Kuala Lumpur is home to some of the best shopping malls in South East Asia—who cares about a little discomfort?”
“So, you were listening when I read out the tourist brochure and the amazing places I’d like to visit.”
“No, not really.” Elise gave an apologetic shrug. “I heard ‘shopping malls’ mostly.”
Sam laughed. His attention never left Ziva. “And your name is…?”
The crowd surged forward to cross the road. Someone jostled past Ziva, accidentally knocking her elbow. Her tatty canvas handbag and her one and only shopping bag dropped to the ground. She gasped as her new lingerie tumbled onto the dusty pavement. “Oh, crap!”
Stooping to her haunches, she then hastily stuffed lacy bras and matching thongs back into the paper bag. Her blonde curls tumbled over her face, helping to hide cheeks that burned hotter than the pavement. A serious contender for Miss Tiny Tits UK, she’d been spoiled for choice when she’d seen that the malls in KL catered for smaller women, so she’d treated herself to a few items of sexy underwear. Not that she had an occasion to wear it, but still, the last thing she needed was to have it displayed for all to see.
Sam kneeled in front of her, picked up a black bra, and swung it on his finger. “Here, I think you missed one.”
Head still down, she reached for the bra, but he hooked his finger around the strap and held it firm. She tugged. “Let go.”
“Not until you tell me your name.” He tugged back, stretching the lace and elastic across the distance between them. “And not until you look at me.”

Author bio:
Abbey MacMunn writes contemporary, paranormal and erotic romance. She lives in Hampshire, UK with her husband and their four children. She is a proud member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

When she’s not writing, she likes to watch films and TV shows – anything from rom-coms to superheroes to science fiction movies.

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#amwriting #Tirgearr author Enhance your story with the perfect #setting

How does the setting influence your characters and plot?
Please allow me to share my thoughts. In commercial fiction, your reader wants to experience adventure, be entertained, get lost in a different place.  The reader imagines being the lead character having exploits, and visiting a setting other than his or her daily life, perhaps in a new country or city or world. Your reader wants character, plot, and a setting realistic enough to connect.
Have you noticed that fiction is divided into two camps?  Authors write a synopsis based on either character or plot, but everyone agrees characters do things, overcome adversities, and make decisions. All agree that stories must take place somewhere, the setting. Character, plot, and setting are the big three. The setting affects mood, event possibilities, and even character temperament. With various genres we know a reader leans toward certain places and time periods.
I write contemporary romantic suspense. Heroes are ex-military but heroines can be plucky, girl-next-door amateur sleuths. Both have obstacles, and what they do changes their lives. That’s the character first part-- motivation and conflict, insight, goals, and desires. Readers enjoy characters’ thoughts and dilemmas. A deep knowledge of character provides the connection.
What about readers who crave action scenes such as romantic suspense? There are more opportunities for decision making in a plot-driven story, but the plot is not what drives the story, it is the characters and what they believe in. Plot events are secondary to the character’s thoughts, emotions, and growth. Events drive that growth. Be sure your characters are likable so that your reader cares.
A setting is where and when your story takes place. Scene locations such as an office, bedroom, bar, cave, or forest are described along with countries or planets era or age, and time of day. In my Donahue Cousins series, the setting and new characters produces a new story, but there are similar threads. The antagonists are connected to the Irish mob. In Deadly Alliance terrorists take over the existing mob. In Unholy Alliance the heroine searches for her cousin whom she believes was kidnapped by an Irish mobster.  In my work-in-progress Bittersweet Alliance, the cousin, a lost sheep who did not want to be found, is a villain.  Your setting influences character type, word choice, pace, tone, even genre. Setting enhances story by enfolding plot and character in a place where they fit, where their strengths can best be highlighted.  My heroine in Bittersweet Alliance is Hawaiian and has insider information about the Big Island where serial kidnappings are taking place. This setting helps Jolene Kualoha and events shine, giving her a backdrop where she moves deftly within the society. Jolene sees clues that hold story elements together. This is a reunion story. Jolene and Danker Donahue were dating in UnholyAlliance, but it ended is a mess with him named as a father in his prior relationship.  She pushed him out so that he could be a dad and family guy with his ex-girlfriend.
Make your setting appropriate to your story!

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#BookQW today's word is FAST. They'd grown close, so fast. #Tirgearr #RomanticSuspense

Since his divorce, Grady Fletcher had his share of one-nighters, and he'd enjoyed them thoroughly. But it had never been like this. He and Tori had grown close, so fast.

From Unholy Alliance, book 2 of the Donahue Cousins series.

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#Tirgearr #amwriting my work-in-progress alternative slang #Hawaii

My work-in-progress, Bittersweet Alliance, follows Hawaiian heroine, Jolene Kualoha.  The book takes place on the Big Island where she grew up.  Locals rarely swear even if, like Jolene, she’s spent time stateside.  Instead of saying a word such as shit, a Hawaiian would say, Pelapela (filthy, nasty) or Pilau (putrid).  The word, Fuck, does not exist in Hawaiian. The closest is Ahi (oh no, ouch).  As authors we know readers tire of translations, and I gave Jolene English language slang such as:  Fudge nuggets, Cheese ‘n rice, Good Night, Son of a Monkey, Mothersmucker, Bullspit, Cornnuts, Fishpaste, I don’t give a Donald Duck, Frack, Shifty, fungicidal.  Bittersweet Alliance will be full length romantic suspense, and maybe she’ll say quite of few of these along the way. 

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#amwriting #authortips #pointofview Camera on the head technique makes it simple to grasp

If you've written a book of fiction and want your readers to keep reading, one slip of point of view hurts a story, but several slips are fatal. How to Write Point of View is now on audible, read by Chelsea Carpenter. 

Point of view, the position of the narrator in relation to the story, is at the heart of romance fiction. Aspire to write effective POV, and inspiration for your romance novel will follow. 
You will succeed with my "camera on the head" technique!  Put an imaginary video camera on top of your POV character’s head and write from his or her perspective.  You, the author, will unfold the story by filtering events through "the eyes" of a character. A reader wants to connect with the character with the most to lose in a scene. The character's reactions are revealed. A character can observe an event and react to it.  As the character's feelings are disclosed to the reader, the author provides an emotional identification.  As a writer, you do not want to switch viewpoints midstream within a scene. Some authors keep a consistent viewpoint within an entire chapter.  In any case, within a scene or even a chapter, the viewpoint character exposes his or her soul so that the reader is immersed in the emotional drama of the moment.  The character reacts internally.  This can include reacting to another character's joy, grief, anger, giving the reader a jolt.  Keep the POV consistent by listening to your characters. Turn off all the other voices and listen only to them. If they tell you they want to do something insane, put that on the page. If they tell you they want to say something outrageous, put that on the page. Are you writing a romance? If they tell you they would rather kiss chastely than make love athletically on the floor, give them that chaste kiss. If they tell you a chaste kiss isn’t nearly enough, then you’d better get them down on that floor, and you can keep the video camera in place.  What do they see? We'll go from there. 


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#amwriting #authortips #Tirgearr author Are you writing a series?

Are you writing a series? That’s great because after readers finish a good book, they look forward to more from you.  I’d like to share my tips.

Each book in a series must be a stand-alone.  There can be an open-ended question, and I deliver the answer in the next book. Some authors who write a series have a mystery arching over the entire series that is answered in the final book. 
If your series involves one character or a couple, write a happily for now ending rather than a happily ever after.  My method is to change up the hero and heroine by writing a series with male cousins.  This ensures some consistency across the series because the heroes are ex-military, honorable and courageous.  As a writer of a series you need to keep track of the family tree, physical attributes, and locations.  Consider using an Excel spreadsheet to maintain details.  In my case I need to know ages of the characters and stomping grounds of their childhoods.
Consider what is logical.   You’ve created a certain community and premise and must keep actions plausible.  The technology your characters use reflects the world they live in.  Their dialect must be consistent. Are they middle class or are they millionaires?

Have fun with your book series.