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#amwriting #Tirgearr #AuthorTips How to Write Love Scenes for Romance

Today I'm sharing tips on how to write love scenes.  Making love is an action scene, and a sequel follows a scene. Does intimacy complicate and add tension to your story?

What conflict opposes your heroine and hero? Does someone interpret incorrectly, fear risking rejection, or suffer embarrassment because of attraction? Tension brings on urgency and increases reader interest.
As a writer your own heart has to race. An honest scene means you have to be comfortable where they are. Inside or outside of the bedroom, a character’s vulnerability quickens the heartbeat. Imagine yourself in the place of your lovers, and write scenes that ignite your own passion. What about the backseat of a car, in a tent, in a public bathroom, or bare in the moonlight?  Creating excitement is fun writing.
The individuality of your characters must shine during a love scene. Is she shy and tongue tied? Or is it him to keeps his feelings inside? That trait can bring on unspoken emotions. One might be open, but the other might see some hurt behind the surface. Allow them to figure each other out. Your hero and heroine drive the love scene in an appropriate-to-them way. earth.
Are the lovers competitors for a position or prize? Let them talk or not talk about “the bone between two dogs.” Perhaps she kids him by saying she’ll win, and he says she’s way too confident.  Deep down he might think she deserves to win. Conflict raises tension and adds excitement but also in the love scene. Conflict keeps them apart when they are attracted and value each other more. They block the way to each other’s success. Do they learn one of them might be without a job or go to prison?
Deep point of view is using contrast between spoken dialog and spoken words. What she says is not the truth. If she says, “Don’t touch me,” she’s thinking don’t stop. Add actions to reveal genuine feelings. He stares and doesn’t look away even when something else is going on around them. Will they or won’t they stay together?
Euphoria increases a lover's five senses. Everything is enhanced when falling in love. Colors are brighter.  A song has more clarity. Smells and tastes make them unforgettable. He’s intoxicated by her scent, and his manly scent gives her an electric charge.  Add sensory details such as his breath ruffling her hair. Is there sunlight, rain or a breeze? Does the lover hear the rhythm of a stream? A setting might underscore the moods. Does he stare through a rain-drenched window when she races out to her car?
Do high-low status issues surround them? Keep differences obvious with love scenes, action, and verbal innuendos. What makes them nervous or protective? Do they become more relaxed as they come to understand each other? They begin talking with more tenderness which leads to feelings of commitment.

A lovely setting draws the reader. Brevity wins. Remember, a love scene is not an article on decorating or a manual on body parts. If you write sweet romance, her hand can inch down his chest, and she gasps with anticipation. You might use words such as deeper and lower without mentioning specific body parts. For steamy or erotic, authors mention physical attributes such as her swollen nub and his erection. In all heat levels focus on sexy curves and his rougher masculinity. Maintain thoughts preserving your characters. Add close calls and risks. Readers enjoy surprises. A final love scene with affection and resolution ends your romantic story.

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