Tuesday, June 27, 2017

#amwriting #authortips #Tirgearr How to get plot ideas

"Where do you get your plot ideas? I write romantic suspense, and the plot must resonate with truth.

I’m often asked where the ideas for my novels come from.  In fact, this is the most commonly asked question I receive. It might happen when I read baffling news and wonder what a woman or man might do if faced with that catastrophe. What if terrorist recruits invaded a town? What brought them there? 

Deadly Alliance: I mirrored an actual event uncovered after the attack in Paris.  Terrorists had taken over an existing drug operation to raise money for the siege. In my fictional account, Deadly Alliance, terrorists take on an Irish gang in Southern California.  Besides the terrorist leader, villains include an opportunistic middle man and a disgruntled mobster’s son.  Unholy Alliance follows a mobster’s daughter who was framed for murder after quitting the life.  Can this happen? Yes, people are framed out of revenge. The hero lawyer who represents underdogs, knows it would probably be better for him if he doesn’t get involved after winning her appeal. That’s because she believes her cousin was kidnapped by the mob and is determined to find her.  Can a person ever shake their tainted past? I write stories about courage and daring and freedom and the human heart.  

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