Monday, April 10, 2017

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Thank you, Robecca Litman, for your review of Unholy Alliance at Lovestoryreaders Soiree.

Rebecca Litman, Storyteller’s Soiree Reviewer:
Fantastic!  Enthralling for readers who love romantic suspense.
Unholy Alliance begins on the day Tori Morningstar (the name she goes by now) is released from jail for a crime she didn’t commit.  One horrible night Tori and her cousin, Vivienne, were having dinner at an Irish American restaurant in Long Beach, California.  They witness a brutal murder.  Both were mobster’s daughters who’d lived privileged lives and wanted to leave “the life” behind them.  Tori paid for that decision by being framed for the murder, and Vivienne ran out the back of the restaurant.  Tori ‘s convinced Vivienne is being held by the sadistic thug who’d framed her.
When her attorney Grady Fletcher, who’d successfully appealed her case, defends a client accused of a similar murder, he consults Tori.  From this point on, hold tight —the author Kathleen Rowland puts you in the front seat and hits the gas.  You’ll experience a sometimes funny, past-paced, romantic story.  Rowland brings in her imagination and details as you wonder what will happen next.

The hero, Grady, is compelling as he pursues a twisted criminal with the help of FBI agent Gary Guhleman (from book 1 of the series, Deadly Alliance).  Grady has chemistry with Tori, who works her own case as a sleuth running a food truck. Heroine Tori is a wonderful character as well with plenty of courage and intelligence.  They have differences of opinion mostly about Vivienne.  Their love scenes are exciting without seeming misplaced or excessive, and their relationship is developed in a way that feels natural and true.

There is also plenty of humor to break up the tension, not only between Tori and Grady but with secondary characters, Finn and Amy Donahue, from Deadly Alliance.  Unholy Alliance has danger, suspense, lust, love, revenge, justice and even an adorable old bloodhound, Sherlock.

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