Sunday, February 5, 2017

#amwriting #asmsg #Tirgearr star-crossed lovers-- ideas on how to write this trope

Are you thinking about writing a romance with star-crossed lovers? Lovers whose relationship is doomed to fail are said to be “star-crossed” because those who believe in astrology claim that the stars control human destiny. William Shakespeare used the phrase to describe the lovers in Romeo and Juliet. In modern day romance no matter what they go through or how tragic their love story is or how incompatible they really are, you root for them to be together. What keeps them apart—betrothed to another, different countries with conflicting duties, station in life (servant/king)? My work-in-progress, ONE NIGHT IN HAVANA, which I will submit to Tirgearr Publishing for their City Nights series, takes place in a communist country.  They meet at a conference where they compete for the same grant in oceanography. She’s a New Yorker, and he is tightly aligned with his government. Both love their countries.  If he leaves the door will shut behind him allowing no return. Will love for her and his secret hopes, and dreams push him to seek a life of freedom or will he decide to remain in his insular world.  

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