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#Tirgearr character interview #psychic FATAL FORTUNE Elizabeth @delisi

Do you enjoy interviews with book characters? 
Meet Lottie Baldwin and Harlan Erikson from the FATAL FORTUNE,  the first book in the Lottie Baldwin Mystery Series by talented Elizabeth Delisi.

Kathleen Rowland, interviewer: Tell us how you two met.
Lottie: We met when I was moving to Cheyenne, ND and nearly got arrested by Harlan.
Harlan: <protesting> I didn’t arrest you! I just pulled you over for speeding.
Lottie: Well, you *could* have arrested me, if you hadn’t gotten another call. <sticks out tongue>
Harlan: I knew from the start you’d be trouble. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is arrest you.
Lottie: <smiles> You’re so sweet.
Kathleen Rowland, interviewer: So Lottie, tell us a little about how you solve crimes using your tarot cards.
Lottie: I’m psychic, and my tarot cards are the most common way I uncover information that can be used to solve—
Harlan: *You* don’t solve crimes. *I* do. It’s my job.
Lottie: I know, honey. <pats his hand> I just help. <whispers to interviewer> But he couldn’t do it without me.
Kathleen Rowland, interviewer: What other psychic abilities do you have?
Lottie: Sometimes I get visions. When one appears, I just have to go with it. They can be helpful, but they don’t come on command.
Harlan: They usually come during dinner. <grins>
Lottie: <ignores him> The visions can be hard to interpret, as are the tarot cards. But eventually the truth reveals itself.
Kathleen Rowland, interviewer: Do you have a favorite tarot deck?
Lottie: Actually, I do. A friend created a special deck for me, and it’s the one I always use. My friend calls it the Lottie Baldwin tarot. I just call it mine.
Kathleen Rowland, interviewer: To change the topic, I understand you two are engaged.
Lottie: Yes! My sweet man proposed to me on Christmas Day. We’re planning the wedding now. Well, *I’m* planning the wedding.
Harlan: Lottie, you know I’m doing all I can. But the Sheriff’s Department has been busy with—
Lottie: Yes, I know. You’re doing all you can. <winks at interviewer>
Kathleen Rowland, interviewer: Any plans for the future?
Lottie: Beyond the wedding? No. I’m concentrating on getting Harlan down the aisle. Sometimes you can over-plan these things.
Harlan: Baby, you know I’ll be there—
Lottie: And leave your pager at home?
Harlan: <groans> Okay. Yes. Pager at home. Satisfied?
Lottie: <smiles sweetly> Yes, honey. One hundred percent!
FATAL FORTUNE-- No one in Cheyenne, ND believes in Lottie Baldwin’s psychic abilities; especially not Harlan Erikson, Lottie’s boyfriend, and Chief Deputy in the Sheriff’s Office. When a friend’s husband disappears, Lottie can’t leave it to Harlan. Armed with her courage and her tarot cards, she tries to solve the mystery herself, regardless of who attempts to stop her: Harlan, her friend—or the criminal.

Check out FATAL FORTUNE, Book 1 in the Lottie Baldwin Mystery series, at Tirgearr Publishing:
Also available: OBSERVANT ORACLE and MISTLETOE MEDIUM, Books 2 and 3 in the Lottie Baldwin Mystery series:
Also available from Tirgearr:

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