Wednesday, October 5, 2016

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Let me share my secret.  In my romantic suspense novels, danger escalates.  So does the sensual side of the protagonists’ relationship, but here’s the kicker—write fresh.  Use new descriptive phrases and imagination, giving a fresh spin on sexy encounters.  Describe the hero in ways that make your reader swoon along with the heroine.  “She raked her hand through his short, blond hair and then leaned to kiss him.”  Yes, the mouth is important.
Words enhancing descriptions of the mouth:  addictive, alluring, arrogant, bitter, carnal, cynical, delicious, eloquent, expressive, hot, luscious, pompous, ripe, salacious, satiny, scornful, sensual, swollen, vengeful, wet, wicked, willing.
Try making up phrases: curve to her sensuous mouth, lush sweetness, salacious grin, strained line of his sculpted mouth, warm and willing mouth.  He devoured her mouth with deep sweeping strokes of his tongue.  He took hungry possession of her mouth. His open mouth came down on hers. 
And then, there is the tongue which cn assault, caress, circle, consume, dip between, drag, elicit a moan, explore, lave, plunder, roll over, tease, trail, work, zeroed in on.  His tongue made wet trails over her puckered lips.  Using the tip of her tongue, she made circular motions up and down his length.

More tips are on their way.  Coming in 2017: 

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