Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#amwriting Heroines with both strong and weak qualities #Tirgearr

As a reader do you prefer a heroine to be strong or weak?  One keeps going, no matter what.  The other deals with loss in her life and sinks into depression.  Both are realistic, and I write heroines who exhibit both characteristics.  In romantic suspense, Deadly Alliance, Amy wants to break free of her codependence tendencies, and in the beginning of the novel she overcompensates. On the other hand, she’s a kickass against bad guys.  In my work-in-progress, Unholy Alliance, Tori Morningstar (the daughter of the Rourke mobster) leaves prison when the hero lawyer appeals her case for a murder she did not committ. She survived prison for ten years and fights against retreating into herself.
Dual characteristics, strong and weak, give readers a picture of who they are.  My heroines overcome sorrow and disappointment. They can not be so damaged they can't fall in love. A romance has a happily ever after.

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