Friday, May 13, 2016

How much misery can your heroine take?

In Deadly Alliance, heroine Amy Kintyre needs a nine-to-five.  With week nights and weekends free, she can sew mock-ups for a sportswear buyers appointment.  Her job interview with Finn Donahue is not going as planned.  Do you enjoy writing or reading scenes that cause the characters anxiety?

Here's a brief excerpt:

Amy rapped just once before twisting the knob. “You’re in your skivvies.” Seeing him in his boxers was a gut-punch. She inhaled a breath and nudged the door shut with her back.

He slipped behind his desk and narrowed his eyes at her. A sexy smile showed on one side of his mouth. “You knocked. Did I say, ‘open?’ ” He looked darn incredible.

With the scorch of embarrassment, Amy realized she was just standing there.

“Relax. I’ve got one up on you. Remember New Years, five years ago, in the closet with Les? There you were, commando.” Finn chortled with a slap to his knee.


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