Thursday, March 31, 2016

Underpinnings for writing a suspense have to have happened.

Honest, deep research is critical.
I was writing Deadly Alliance at the time of the Paris attacks and was struck by the reality of drug trafficking within ISIS. In Deadly Alliance a fictitious terrorist fundraising arm takes over an Irish gang. The plot thickens as it follows Finbar Donahue and Amy Kintyre who get caught up in the mess.    

Much has been written about the funding for barbaric acts of violence on Paris and recently on Brussels.  According to research author, Justin Mckibben, who has been following brothers Ibrahim and Salah Abdesam.  The reality is this; Mckibbon writes, drug trafficking networks have been linked to terrorism for a long time. Maybe it is time for us to take notice and maybe find the connection between the opiate epidemic and terrorism. Poppy plants used for opium being the active ingredient in heroin, and the illegal industry funds terrorism in every aspect including bribery, recruitment, weapons, and corruption.

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