Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spotlight on Elizabeth Delisi and her Lottie Baldwin Mystery Series

Do you enjoy interviews with book characters as much as I do? 

Meet Lottie Baldwin and Harlan Erikson from the FATAL FORTUNE,  the first book in the Lottie Baldwin Mystery Series by talented Elizabeth Delisi.

Interviewer: Tell us how you two met.

Lottie: We met when I was moving to Cheyenne, ND and nearly got arrested by Harlan.

Harlan: <protesting> I didn’t arrest you! I just pulled you over for speeding.

Lottie: Well, you *could* have arrested me, if you hadn’t gotten another call. <sticks out tongue>

Harlan: I knew from the start you’d be trouble. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is arrest you.

Lottie: <smiles> You’re so sweet.

Interviewer: So Lottie, tell us a little about how you solve crimes using your tarot cards.

Lottie: I’m psychic, and my tarot cards are the most common way I uncover information that can be used to solve—

Harlan: *You* don’t solve crimes. *I* do. It’s my job.

Lottie: I know, honey. <pats his hand> I just help. <whispers to interviewer> But he couldn’t do it without me.

Interviewer: What other psychic abilities do you have?

Lottie: Sometimes I get visions. When one appears, I just have to go with it. They can be helpful, but they don’t come on command.

Harlan: They usually come during dinner. <grins>

Lottie: <ignores him> The visions can be hard to interpret, as are the tarot cards. But eventually the truth reveals itself.

Interviewer: Do you have a favorite tarot deck?

Lottie: Actually, I do. A friend created a special deck for me, and it’s the one I always use. My friend calls it the Lottie Baldwin tarot. I just call it mine.

Interviewer: To change the topic, I understand you two are engaged.

Lottie: Yes! My sweet man proposed to me on Christmas Day. We’re planning the wedding now. Well, *I’m* planning the wedding.

Harlan: Lottie, you know I’m doing all I can. But the Sheriff’s Department has been busy with—

Lottie: Yes, I know. You’re doing all you can. <winks at interviewer>

Interviewer: Any plans for the future?

Lottie: Beyond the wedding? No. I’m concentrating on getting Harlan down the aisle. Sometimes you can over-plan these things.

Harlan: Baby, you know I’ll be there—

Lottie: And leave your pager at home?

Harlan: <groans> Okay. Yes. Pager at home. Satisfied?

Lottie: <smiles sweetly> Yes, honey. One hundred percent!


Check out FATAL FORTUNE, Book 1 in the Lottie Baldwin Mystery series, at Tirgearr Publishing:

Also available: OBSERVANT ORACLE and MISTLETOE MEDIUM, Books 2 and 3 in the Lottie Baldwin Mystery series:

Also available from Tirgearr:


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Brilliant 'interview'. The book looks terrific; evocative cover, isn't it?

  2. I do love the covers for my mystery series...that's really the first thing the reader sees. Thanks for checking out the interview, Sharon!


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