Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Let me tell you a little more about author Diana Rubino

Setting goals is a key to Diana Rabino's success. Sacrifice helps, she says In 1999 she signed with her first publisher Domhan Books of the UK. She spent several summers in England writing, researching, and revising her 4-book Yorkist saga. A dedicated history buff and Anglophile, she's a member of the Richard III Society, a fascinating group of learned historians, some of whom claim to have met Richard.

Diana and her husband, Chris, own CostPro Inc., a construction cost consulting company in New England. She is indulging another longtime interest, archaeology, for which she is working on a Master’s Degree. They love to travel. The Mediterranean cruise "Cradles of Civilization" aboard the Rotterdam included a visit to the Pyramids of Egypt. She was  fortunate to visit Poland, her grandmother's native land, and Chopin's birthplace as well as the resting place of his heart, Warsaw.

Diana's stories are romances set against a backdrop of political upheaval, court intrigue, poverty, general drama of the surroundings, and sometimes a splash of the paranormal. What she tries to convey is that love can prevail no matter what the conflicts and obstacles, earthly or not.

She recently began writing biographical novels with no fictional characters, but From  Here to Fourteenth Street is fictional with realistic underpinnings.

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