Saturday, February 6, 2016

How many edit errors require a re-do of your published book?

Are you an author who discovered edit errors in your newly published book?  With a new book released, authors are busy trying to get reviews, run contests, organize a launch party.   They admire the cover, check the spelling of their name, maybe flip through pages but not study their book with a critical eye.  Seasoned authors sometimes advise not opening a finished book.

An error can jar the reader from the story—stuff like double punctuation, a capital letter, names spelled differently.  Highly embarrassing for the author, right? For an eBook changes are easier.  To re-print, the problems would have to be really big.  Missing lines call for a reprint. Duplicate pages, yes. What is the cost-benefit analysis? How much time will it cost to fix it versus what it costs if it isn’t fixed?

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