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Spotlight on author Mary E. Thompson

I'd like to introduce you to Fat & Fine, Mary E. Thompson's

Big & Beautiful series, book 5-- just released last week!



After her ex insults her and breaks up with her, Sam is determined to show him exactly what he missed out on. Sam's hurt, but Sam's no push over. She's equally mad, too. And determined to make him eat his words.


Questioning if any man will ever look at her like she's beautiful, Sam joins a local gym. She's led around by Brady, the gym's owner, and is more than a little intimidated by him. His intensity scares her, but something about him intrigues her more than she cares to admit.


When Brady defends Sam and tells her she's beautiful, she struggles to accept his words.


As Sam works to figure out who she is, and what she really wants to do with her career and life, Brady's strong and silent presence builds her confidence. Until Brady dismisses her, making her think he's just as bad as her ex. And that she'll never find someone who truly cares for her.




Are you okay? he finally asked.

I nodded, unable to speak around the massive lump in my throat and the tears stinging my eyes. I knew it I said anything I would lose it.

Do you want to go?

I nodded again, anxious to get away from so many prying eyes. They might be acting nice, but sharing my most humiliating moment with hundreds of strangers was not my idea of a fun evening.

Brady picked up our stuff, carrying the drinks hed bought us, the blanket, and our picnic basket. I focused on getting the hell out of there.

When we got to his Jeep Brady threw everything in the back while I climbed in, ashamed and shocked. For a fleeting second I wondered if I should be afraid of Brady, but I knew that was crazy. Brady wasnt dangerous, not to me. If he hadnt stood up for me I would have questioned why I was with him. Instead he took out Cade with one swing and Id never have to deal with him again.

Brady got in the car and turned the key, cranking up the air conditioning, then turned in his seat. Come here, he said, pulling me to him.

The center console dug into my side, but I didnt care. Bradys arms closed around me and I lost it. Everything Id hid, all the fears Id buried, all the shame Id felt, all the anger Id carried all of it poured out.

I sobbed against his strong chest, my tears soaking through his shirt. His hands rubbed up and down my back and his heart beat a steady rhythm under my ear. I let out everything Id been holding in for weeks. I hiccuped my breath and kept crying, unable to stop once Id started.

Brady was my rock. He held me as close as he could. He was turned at an odd angle and I knew his back had to be killing him. I tried to pull back but he wouldnt let me, keeping my face against his chest. He had my head tucked under his chin and he kissed my hair, whispering kind words as I cried.

When I could breathe again I eased back. Brady let me but didnt let go of me. I couldnt face him. I looked down, keeping my eyes from his, unsure and afraid of what Id find there.


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Author Bio:

Mary E Thompson grew up loving to read, spending many night hiding under the covers with a flashlight to finish a book. As an adult she still stays up too late, but doesnt need a flashlight anymore thanks to her ereader.

When Marys not reading shes playing with her two kids or living out her real life romance with her hubby. She has a weakness for chocolate, Buffalo sports teams, and wine, lots of wine.


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Character Interview:

Nickname - Sam

Job - Photographer

Level of schooling - BFA in Photography

Birthdate - May 1

Birthplace - Buffalo, NY

Currently residing in - Winterville, NY

Favorite type of pet - Dog

Favorite place to visit - California

Significant other - Brady Wright

Most important goal - To be happy

Worst fear or nightmare - that my parents will never be proud of me

Favorite food - All foods

Wealthy, poor, or somewhere in between? somewhere in between

Secret desire or fantasy - No comment

What would you do if you won the lottery? Take care of my friends.


Conversational interview:

Interviewer: Thanks for meeting me today, Sam. I know youre usually the one asking questions, but well try to make this pretty painless.

Sam (laughs): Thanks, I appreciate that. Being a photographer I hide in the background most of the time. Most people arent interested in my life.

Interviewer: Its the same way in my job, but today isnt about me. Tell me how you got into photography.

Sam: I took a photography class in high school and completely fell in love. It drew me in completely and I knew I wanted to capture moments in time for the rest of my life.

Interviewer: What is your favorite moment in time?

Sam (blushes): Well, that might be a little private, but how about I just say when Brady told me he loved me. It was completely out of the blue, but then again, so was Brady.

Interviewer: Aw, how sweet. Can you tell us a little more about Brady?

Sam (smiles and gets a dreamy look in her eyes): Hes perfect. His last name is Wright and its so fitting because he really is Mr. Wright. He makes it possible for me to achieve my number one lifetime goal.

Interviewer: Which is?

Sam: To be happy. Its all anyone really wants, but after Cade I wasnt sure Id find true happiness.

Interviewer: Well, Cade was a jerk.

Sam: Yes, he was.

Interviewer (smiling): What else makes you happy? Do you have a secret desire or fantasy?

Sam (blushing): Well, anyone who knows me knows my mind pretty much stays in the gutter. That question brings up all sorts of ideas, but none you can print. How about I just say No comment and we move on.

Interviewer (laughing): Fair enough. On the other side of things, whats your worst fear?

Sam (groans): You really know how to dig deep, dont you? Really, my worst fear has always been that my parents wouldnt be proud of me. Theyve spent years telling me I should get a real job instead of something silly like photography. Even when they say theyre proud of what Ive accomplished I worry its not the whole truth.

Interviewer: Im sure they want you to be successful. Would you consider yourself wealthy, poor, or somewhere in between? That might have something to do with your parents.

Sam: Id say Im in between. I charge a fair price for my work, so Im not poor, but Im definitely not rich either. I wont get rich as a photographer because I dont love the work that brings in a higher commission, but thats okay with me. I love what I do.

Interviewer: As long as you have enough to eat its okay, right?

Sam: Oh, yeah, mama likes to eat. Thats pretty obvious to anyone who looks at me though. I like all kinds of foods, pretty much havent found one that I wont try! Brady gets mad at me when I say Im fat. My friends use much kinder words to describe us. Addi says were bulky. Claire called us lush. Mandy says chubby. Charlie likes to say fluffy, but shes a baker so it makes sense. Lexi says shapely, Riley is plump, and Carrie goes for husky. To me they all mean the same thing, but Brady wont let me say that anymore.

Interviewer: Your friends seem important to you. How did you all meet?

Sam: Mandy, Claire, Addi, and I went to college together. Lexi and Charlie we met from going to Bite Me! so often. Riley and Carrie are new additions to our group and we met them through READ. We all work well together, dont you think?

Interviewer: Yeah, you guys are great. Ive noticed a few spats though. Is it true you argue over whether dogs or cats are better? Which side do you fall on?

Sam (laughing): Oh, yeah, thats always been a fight between us. Im firmly a dog lover. Brady picked out Lucky on our first date. Hes the ugliest dog Ive ever seen, but hes so beautiful. Brady and I think hes perfect for us, not so perfect on the outside, but beautiful inside.

Interviewer (wipes eyes): Thats really beautiful. Doesnt having a dog make it hard to travel? Are there places you want to go?

Sam: I think our jobs are more of a hindrance than Lucky is. Were pretty happy at home, but if I did travel, Id love to go to California. The mountains and the ocean, the ancient trees and the beaches, the hilly roads and the winding highways it calls to the photographer in me. Id love to go out to a vineyard and just wander with my camera or hang out on the beach at sunset. It looks so beautiful out there.

Interviewer: Is that what you would do if you won the lottery? Travel?

Sam (shakes head adamantly): Nope, I dont think so. Our jobs are challenging, but I dont think wed give up our jobs. Wed take care of our family and friends. They mean everything to us. Im sure Brady could upgrade some of his equipment and I could move to a bigger studio, but I dont think wed change much about the way we live. We dont need much, just each other.

Interviewer: Youre so lucky Sam. Its been wonderful to talk to you. I wish you and Brady the best.

Sam: Thanks. This was fun. Well have to get together some time. Maybe you can join us for girls night some Tuesday at Bite Me! Charlie really does make the best cupcakes youve ever tasted.

Interviewer: Ooh, that sounds like a great idea!

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Spotlight on author Mari Manning!

Mari Manning, welcome to my blog! Today we will start with interview Dinah Pittman, your heroine of Stranger at My Door. Next you'll find an excerpt, and news about Mari Manning.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a small town in Texas. I’ll tell you the name, but it doesn’t matter since no one’s ever heard of it. It’s El Royo. For the first 17 years of my life, I loved it, then a crime destroyed my family, and I couldn’t get away fast enough.
When is your birthday?
I’m 25, so you do the math. I was born on November 1, and my mother, who believed in the stars, painted the night sky at it appeared the day I was born on the ceiling of my bedroom.
What would you do if you won the lottery?
Pay back the money my father stole.
Rafe Morales, hero of Stranger at My Door
Where did you grow up?
I grew up on Hacienda Osito, which means Little Bear Ranch in Spanish.
Worst fear or nightmare?
I’ve lived through my worst fear – I watched someone I love die before my eyes. Something broke in me that night. Most people call it my nerve. My mother swears it’s my alma, which means soul. Whatever it is, I hope it mends, but I don’t believe I will ever be whole again.
About “Stranger at My Door” by Mari Manning
The only thing standing between Dinah Pittman and a murderer is a man she’s afraid to trust …
As far as Dinah Pittman is concerned, men can’t be trusted. Especially cops. Her own father was a cop and a convicted felon who stole a small fortune before dying in prison. The best part? No one knows where the money is…and someone is willing to kill off everyone who knows anything about it.
And Dinah is next.
Rafe Morales left the Dallas police force to settle down to a simpler life in the small Texas town of El Royo. Instead, he finds himself protecting an infuriating, tough-as-nails, oh-so-sexy victim—and driving himself crazy with a thoroughly unprofessional desire.
But as the body count rises, Rafe and Dinah must find a way to trust each other…before they both end up dead.
From the book:
The front door rebounded and clipped Rafe’s shoulder. He kicked it closed with his boot before raking his flashlight beam across the unlit entryway. The hall was clear. His heart thumping against ribs, he burst into the living room. His light hit the figure of a woman, and his feet froze. He tilted the beam up and framed Dinah Pittman’s expressionless face.
 Most girls would have screamed or hid when he kicked in the door. Not this one. She had balls, he’d give her that. 
Her forearm lifted to shield her eyes from the light. “Who are you? What do you want?” She sounded tired. “I already told Teke, I don’t know where the money is.” 
Rafe lowered the flashlight and rolled his shoulder to loosen a tight muscle. There were about two dozen abandoned bungalows in this part of town. When he saw a candle flickering in the window, he’d expected a confrontation with teenagers or maybe a squatter.
He stepped into the candlelight. “Officer Morales, ma’am. Got something against electricity?” As soon as the words were out, he regretted them. The pink flyers. She’d needed money to turn on the lights.
Her mouth tightened. “Get out.” Turning to a small table by the window, she gathered up scattered cards, probably her tarot cards. Had she found customers already?
He studied her as he summoned up an appropriate apology. She wore cut-offs and a white T-shirt. His eyes swept down her slim legs to her bare feet and red toenails before he could stop himself. Why were pain-in-the-ass women always hot?
“I didn’t mean to upset you—”
“Don’t flatter yourself.”
“That’s tough to do with you around.”
Her hand stilled for a moment, then returned to its task. “You could have knocked.”
“Sometimes we get squatters in these abandoned houses. They’re more likely to be discouraged by a show of force.”
“I could have been a mass murderer. Aren’t you supposed to call for backup?” She glanced down at his flashlight. “If I was a bad guy with a gun, you’d be dead, Officer Morales.”
She’d read him right. He’d tried to pull out his service revolver when he broke down the door, but—predictably—his hand had turned to Jell-O. After two years, he still couldn’t get past the night in Dallas when his beautiful, daring Sam’s luck ran out, and he’d avenged her but failed to live up to his own lofty ideals. So he relied on the element of surprise and big fists.
Gathering up the cards, she set them in a neat stack. “As you can see, I am not a squatter.” Her gaze flickered to his flashlight, then back up to his face. “There’s an empty house about two blocks down if you’re determined to rescue one.”
The corner of his mouth inched up. She’d be a handful…for the right man, which sure as hell wasn’t him. Not anymore. “Thanks for the tip.”
About Mari Manning

Let’s start with the fun stuff. I love small towns, mysteries, quiet men, laughter, old-fashioned spaghetti dinners. I love boots and shopping and jokes and Hershey’s dark chocolate and white wine. I love lots of things. But my first love is reading.
I love to read. Just about anything, but it has to be well-written. I go through periods where I am into historical novels or romance or mystery or history or biography. I never know when my desires will suddenly change.
Now for the writer-ish, official stuff: Mari Manning is the author of several contemporary romances and three romantic suspense novels set in the Texas Hill Country. Stranger at My Door is the first in her A Murder in Teas series. The second, Stranger in My House will be published by Entangled later this year. The third book in the series is Stranger in My Bed. Currently Mari is working on a series of cozy mysteries.
She and her husband live in Chicago.
Buy links to all the major electronic sites are here:
Contact Mari at

Visit my website at
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Available now: Book 1 in the romantic suspense series, "A Murder in Texas":
"Stranger at My Door." Watch for "Stranger in My House" and Stranger in My Bed later in 2016.
From Entangled Publishing

Coming February 29 from Crimson Press: Noir Nights: 5 hunky detectives, 5 fabulous love stories, 5 unforgettable heroines in one amazing bundle.  
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Spotlight on Tina Gayle and IT Exec's Baby!

Author Tina Gayle grew up not knowing what she wanted to be as an adult. Then someone asked her about my dream job, her answer, "I wanted to be a pretender."

So the job of writing books is the perfect job for her. She has a vivid imagination and enjoys creating new characters and heartbreaking situations that her readers can sympathize with as they root for the couple's love to blossom.

Before setting down with her computer, she worked in the corporate world as both an accountant and a programmer. Once her kids were born, she decided to give her dream of being a writer a try and loves to incorporate the heartaches, headaches and fun of being a mother and a woman into my books. 

When not writing, she enjoys spending time with my family and traveling around the country. She hasn't hit every state, but she hopes to someday. You might also catch her on the golf course with her husband of 30 years. 

If you'd like to connect, send an email to She loves to hear from her readers. What elements you liked and what you didn't care for in the story. 

Also, you can read the first chapter of any of her books by visiting her website or download an exclusive story "My Future Step Brother" and join her special friend's list. All on her website


Find Tina Gayle everywhere


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Twitter -!/AuthorTinaGayle

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Blurb for IT Exec’s Baby


Brie Sullivan has a new baby girl and there are a million things to do, but Brie doesn’t have the energy to keep up. Why? She’s still grieving for her husband and suffering from baby blues, but she won’t let that stop her. She’s come up with the answer--find a new husband to be the father of her kids.

Jason Clark has been doing everything he can to help Brie. He loves her but can he accept her proposal of marriage knowing she’s not thinking clearly about the future?


Comments from Reviews for IT Exec’s Baby (2nd book of the Executive Wives Club series)


“IT Exec’s Baby is almost a love story in reverse. The marriage comes first, then the sex, and finally the love - at least from Brie's point of view. It is tender and poignant at times, and full of strong descriptive passages.”


“What I love about series books. Every book gives you more about the characters that you've fallen in love with during the first book.”


“IT Exec’s Baby is a riveting story of a woman with numerous problems.”



Jason settled into the rocker. A slight whimper escaped from the baby, he quickly fed the bottle back into her daughter's mouth.

“Yes, but at least I don’t have to pick them up. I'm in a carpool with another mother down the street.” Brie fluffed her pillow and crawled into bed. The soft cushion of the mattress cupping her body, she melted against the sheets. Peace teased her mind at the luxury of not having to jump up again in two seconds.

“So you've been able to get some rest during the day?”

“No, that's when I try to get everything else done.” Brie reviewed the chores she hadn't accomplished today. Laundry—half done. Dishwasher—still not unloaded. Formula—damn she only had two bottles left.

“Why? What can't wait?” Jason’s question made it sound like she didn't have two other children to take care of.

“Well, there are meals to fix, which reminds me, I have to make a run to the grocery store tomorrow.” She quickly glanced at the night stand to see if there was any paper available. She better make a list.

“Don’t worry about it now. Just try to get some sleep.” The soothing tone of his voice lulling her senses, she closed her eyes.

Visions of Eric floated through her thoughts...him getting up at night, bringing the baby back to her, his help in the evening with the chores, his steady presence when she was too exhausted to go on. “I need a second set of hands.”

An idea popped into her head. The perfect solution. She just needed to get married.

Forcing her eyes open, she rolled to her side and stared at the man holding her daughter. He wasn’t married and didn't mind her kids. If they could join forces, all would be good.

Excited by the possibility, she sat, the covers falling to her waist. “That's it. I need a husband.” Lifting her voice, she stared into a pair of sexy brown eyes. “Jason, will you marry me?”


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#MysteryExchange #spotlight -- have you ever had a daydream that ends up in a book? Let's ask #mystery writer Cathy Perkins @cperkinswrites

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